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Wi-Fi Action Kit

This Wi-Fi "Action Kit" offers an essential collection of informative, useful and active ways for parents, grandparents, teachers, caregivers and other concerned citizens to tackle the wireless issue in homes, schools and communities. 

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Jun 2

Commercial Wi-Fi Routers (microwave emissions)

Letter to school about Wi-Fi routers

"Superintendent, Jim Cambridge, has informed us that all further communication re our son's situation is to be directed to you. So here it is:

"Our family finds itself once again in crisis since the school district decided to install commercial Wi-Fi routers throughout Spencer where our son who is electro-sensitive attends school." . . .

"As you know, September will be here soon enough and we must scramble once again to find a school which can accommodate our son. The BIG problem, what school? If the SD 62 continues to go forward with Wi-Fi installation in all its schools despite clear opposition from BC parents, where will my son attend grade 8? As informed parents we choose to protect our children from this radiation exposure and exercise our parental right to say NO to a known health risk, a 2 b carcinogen. How will you accommodate us as parents who choose to exercise prudent avoidance for our children in regards to Wi-Fi technology while in school?

"Please comment.

"In light of the BCCPAC's position of non-support for any further Wi-Fi installation in schools across BC, we hope the district will reconsider its plans to install Wi-Fi at Spencer or any other school in the district, and respect the official body that represents over 500, 000 parents who DO support schools of choice for parents like me who have a sensitive child or who simply want to heed the WHO's recommendation to "take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure" for their children. Would you please comment on whether SD 62 will respect the wishes of BCCPAC on this serious health and safety issue?

"Please comment.

"Are you aware that by dismissing the wishes of parents and denying parents the ability to heed public health warnings, that SD 62 places liability upon itself? Are you aware that to deny our son accommodation is to violate his charter of rights and freedoms, as well, goes contrary to the Education Act that states all children must go to school and be provided a safe learning environment?

"Please comment. Simply, will you provide a school (elementary & middle) for each of my children free of Wi-Fi emissions that uses safer hard wired technology as so requested by the BCCPAC? . . .

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