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Societies are complicated systems, and humans are creative and complex creatures with different points of view. The definition of progress is not the same for all people and every person brings to this planet his or her own unique set of circumstances, insights and opinions.  

However, it seems some truths are universal.  Even with opposing beliefs, disparate amounts of knowledge and patience, and controversy, there are opportunities to find common ground and solve problems that appear to be overwhelming.  

In the following, you may find a new perspective or vantage point, or some new courage.  A more philosophical point of view . . . strategies and solutions.

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Dec 28

Conflict Minerals Project Documentary Film


Click on the image on your screen to watch the video introduction.

Please review this film, which exposes the horrific underbelly of the cellular industry.  We are all responsible for this by purchasing items for convenience and enjoyment, without knowing the human cost. 

A film exposing how the minerals in our electronic devices (cell phones. laptops, mp3 players) are helping to fuel the worst human atrocity since WWII.

The story starts with our electronic devices. All of which contain the minerals TUNGSTEN, TIN, TANTALUM, and GOLD. These minerals, also known as CONFLICT MINERALS, are found in huge supply in the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, where rebel militias (foreign and domestic) use rape, murder, and slavery to control and extract these minerals.

The rebel militias then sell these minerals into the supply chain where they wind up in the devices we love so much. This situation creates huge profits for the manufacturers of these devices, the neighboring countries who help smuggle the minerals, and the rebel militias on the ground - we consumers get amazing devices, and the people of Congo are left living in what can only be described as hell on earth . . .

Pre-ordering a package is the FIRST way you can get engaged.  
The SECOND way is to help us spread the word - Forward this on to everyone you know who owns a cell phone, laptop, MP3 player, or any other electronic device.  Give them the chance to engage in the campaign to end the trade of Conflict Minerals!  The THIRD way is to stay in touch.  

Join the Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/ConflictMineralsProject, join us on twitter @mikeramsdell, join our phone campaign TEXT: CONGO TO 313131.  It is a unitied consumer voice that will change this practice, and never before has it been easier, or more accessible for consumers to be united.

We thank you in advance and are excited to be working with you.

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