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Apr 4

Letter to Mayor of Naperville, Illinois from Dr. David O. Carpenter, MD

March 28, 2012: Doctor Carpenter is Director at the Institute for Health and the Environment Deparment of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health and University at Albany, New York

Dr. David O. Carpenter

"There is clear and strong evidence that intensive use of cell phones increases the risk of brain cancer, tumors of the auditory nerve and cancer of the parotid gland, the salivary gland in the cheek by the ear. The evidence for this conclusion is detailed in many publications in the peer-reviewed scientific literature . . .

"My specific concerns about smart meters are as follows:

1. The benefit of the smart meters is entirely to the utilities, and is economic in nature. If they install smart meters they can fire those individuals who at present are employed to go around reading meters. Thus this is a job-killing proposal, and will increase unemployment which is already too high.

2. When a wireless smart meter is installed residents have no choice in the matter or ability to avoid exposure. But every individual has the option to use or not use other personal wireless devices. There is a major difference between an exposure which an individual chooses to accept and one that is forced on individuals who can do nothing about it.

3. Most wireless smart meters transmit signals to the utility for relatively short periods of time. However, the device continuously generates RF radiation that will expose anyone nearby 24/7.

4. The evidence for adverse effects of radiofrequency radiation is currently strong and grows stronger with each new study. Wired meters with shielded cable do not increase exposure. The same benefit to the utility could be achieved by use of a wired connection and this would not increase exposure of residents to excessive RF radiation.

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