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Jul 1


directions for a home-made sign to laminate and display

Also available: My Democratic Right and My Human Right

I have already sent my letter to B.C. Hydro registering my unwillingness to have a wireless "Smart Meter" mounted on my property.  I have obtained a doctor's note recommending that RF devices are detrimental to my health, and counterproductive to existing health conditions. As well, I have placed a sign directly on my existing meter stating my wish to keep it, and the reasons why.

Now, in anticipation of the continuing likelihood of B.C. Hydro's (Corix) Smart Meter installer's upcoming visit, I have also made a 'NO SMART METER" sign (attached) for my front lawn.
My local Staples has laminated two copies of my home-made sign in #10 weight, stiff and sturdy, and suitable for rain, wind, sleet and sun . . . Not large, but bright and clear. $2.69 for each 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.

I have cut the longer side of a three-sided wire coat hanger in half, bending the resulting two sides downward to form "legs," leaving the hook at the top. I have taped the top hook of the transformed coat hanger securely to the back of one of the laminated sheets and then matched up the second laminated sheet with the first, using strapping tape to seal the edges. I now have a two-sided sign that makes my feelings obvious enough to register my wishes with the installer, and with anyone else walking along my street. There is also a reference to this website as a source of information.

I plan to talk to neighbours and friends and encourage them to learn more about the issue, before approaching my local City Council with information. 

It's a good start!  

The sign can be copied and displayed in other inventive ways. A larger sign would be better, but more expensive and would require an alternate plan. . . Staples tells me that they laminate sheets larger than 8 1/2 x 14 at a cost of $2.49 per square foot.

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