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May 22

Moratorium Resolution Passed in Okanagan-Similkameen (B.C.)

Call for a Moratorium on "Smart" Meter Installation in RDOS Electoral Area 'D'

"Yesterday, May 21, the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen received a presentation describing many of the problems associated with the program. Overwhelming approval was given for the moratorium, in which Fortis was asked to remove smart meters from every home in the District. By so doing, it becomes the 61st council in BC requesting cessation of the dangerous smart meter program."

Penticton Herald announcement   

As of June 17, 2013, the MORATORIUM COUNT of B.C. communities seeking a moratorium on the smart meter program.

May 1

Meeting of the Standing Committee on Health April 23 2015

Oral Statement of Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, DSc at the House of Commons of Canada

Oral Statement of Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, DSc for the meeting of the Standing Committee on Health of the House of Commons of Canada on April 23, 2015
My name is Dariusz Leszczynski and I am currently Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Helsinki in Finland. I do research in area of biological and health effects of cell phone-emitted radiation since 1997. I will briefly present now, what I said in a slightly more detailed form in my submitted document.

Apr 12

Insurance industry responds to the risks of wireless technologies

Who's responsible? Who pays--who doesn't pay? (2-page handout)

  • United States: Regulatory Warning 
  • Employer Liability
  • Occupational Health and Safety 
  • Health and Safety School Legislation
EVERY employer must ensure that the employer's workers are made aware of all known or reasonably foreseeable health or safety hazards to which they are likely to be exposed by their work. BC Occupational Health& Safety Regulation -General duties of employers Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Div.3-2b

Apr 12

Governments and Organizations that Ban or Warn Against Wireless Technology

International: Includes Doctors and Scientists Calling for Stricter Regulation and/or a Moratorium on Wireless Technology

And more all the time . . .

Apr 12

Parliamentary Health Committee (HESA) Investigation into Safety Code 6 2015

C4ST - Highlights from HESA Hearings - Safety Code 6 Is Under Investigation by HESA (Parliamentary Health Committee)

Highlights Include

  • Health Canada admits studies show harm at levels below Safety Code 6. 
  • Health Canada ignores the scientific research; its review is subject to bias and incorrect conclusions. 
  • Health Canada ignores 2010 HESA recommendations to proactively inform Canadians about adverse effects of EMR exposure. 
  • Health Canada admits there are NO studies regarding the cumulative effects from several devices from wireless radiation.
  • In its "fact sheet", comparing Canada vs. other countries, Health Canada omits countries representing 1.2 billion people with safety levels below Safety Code 6 Health Canada's statements to the committee conflict with statements made under oath in Quebec Superior Court on Feb 13th, 2013 
  • Health Canada admits there are no studies regarding the cumulative effects of several devices from wireless radiation 
  • Health Canada ignores the 2010 Health Committee recommendation to "ensure that it has a process in place to receive and respond to reports of adverse reactions to electromagnetic radiation emitting devices." 
  • Health Canada resists the request to have a database that physicians may be asked to look at any kind of possible cause and effect on new cancers among people? 
  • Scientific expert calls for a special category for pregnant women 

Health Canada Advises That 36 of the 140 Studies Submitted by C4ST Were Included in the 2015 Safety Code 6 - BUT WHERE?
  • Further Conflicting or Confusing Statements From Health Canada From Day 1 HESA Hearings 
  • Hearings Day 1 - March 24th, 2015 - Full Recap (Official Minutes, Listen to Full Audio Recording, Read Official Transcript) 
  • AGENDA: Health Canada Safety Code 6 s
MP's speaking:
  • Ben Lobb
  • Heddy Fry 
  • Wladyslaw Lizon 
  • Christine Moore 
  • Terence Young 
  • Murray Rankin
  • Cathy McLeod
  • Djaouida Sellah
  • James Lunney
Also speaking:
  • Andrew Adams Director General, Environmental Radiation Health Sciences Directorate, Department of Health
  • Paul Demers, Director, Occupational Cancer Research Centre, Cancer Care Ontario, As an individual
  • Peter Hill, Director General, Spectrum Management Operations Branch, Department of Industry
  • Martin Blank, Special Lecturer Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University, As an Individual 
  • Frank Prato, Imaging Program Leader, Assistant Scientific Director, Lawson Health Research Institute
  • James McNamee, Chief, Health Effects and Assessments Division, Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch, Department of Health
  • Meg Sears, Adjunct Investigator, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, As an Individual
Hearings Day 2 - Scheduled For April 23rd, 2015 
Current 2015 HESA Committee Membership 
Related Documents

Apr 2

Joint Letter to Minister of Energy and Mines - Alex Atamanenko (MP) and Katrine Conroy (MLA)

re smart meter program opt-out fee and disconnection issues

". . . A number of our constituents in the Slocan Valley have had their power shut off even in the middle of winter. As a public policy we find this to totally unacceptable and inhumane. We feel that resolution can be found to accommodate those who are resisting this program because of health concerns.

 ". . . We urge to ensure that:

  • BC Hydro immediately re-connect electricity to those affected homes at no cost 
  • BC Hydro adopt a fee structure more consistent with jurisdictions elsewhere in North America and is no greater than that of Quebec. 

Apr 1

Class Action Lawsuit against BC Hydro - Update

Notice of Application Brought under the Class Proceedings Act - March 16, 2015

Message from the Executive Director of Citizens for Safe Technology Society, Una St. Clair

We believe that the "people's" lawsuit against BC Hydro is a strong and just case, which is picking up steam as it winds its way through numerous court processes. These large legal actions take patience and an unwavering focus on the goal as it can take years to attain the justice being sought. Anything that must be done, must be done no matter how long it takes, and this is such an instance. It is so important that you know we have not lost our footing despite serious attempts by the BC Liberals to derail our case, and more to the point, we are continuing with an argument which is succinct, sure and strong! In a way, the slowness of the process has been a blessing, as it has allowed us to improve all our pleadings.

Given that the Liberals had found a "legal" way under Direction 4 to protect their blatant abuse of individual rights, it was necessary for us to rewrite our Civil Claim in response. We have now changed course in our lawsuit, to stand squarely on the foundation of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Sections 7 and 8. On March 16, 2015, we filed a revised Second Notice of Civil Claim at the Vancouver Court Registry which challenges the constitutional validity of the various legislative and/or administrative acts, including Direction 4, which have authorized the Liberals to force microwave radiation emitting smart meters onto customers who refuse the same, as well as challenging the constitutional validity of Opt Out and Failed Installation Fees. Our case was scheduled to be heard in court commencing April 27, 2015, however, due to a change in judge's schedule, and the need for us to revise our pleadings, the date will be scheduled for later in the year.

Look for our upcoming newsletter for full details.

Mar 19

Another major breach of security, with Blue Cross being hit again and millions of records stolen. Credit crd numbers, social security numbers, and even information about medical problems.

 Of course BC Hydro and Fortis will tell us that they encrypt our data so we're safe . . . 

Mar 15

Run-Around re Smart Meter Fires - BC Hydro

Sampling of official letters to and from Sharon Noble, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC (updated March 15)

Ontario's Hydro One is threatening to shut off power to customers.  BC Hydro IS cutting power and stranding families who are paying huge bills already for their essential service, often for protesting the extortion fee. 

The Ontario Ombudsman continues to receive 1000s of complaints about Hydro One, and is preparing a report. From the comments, it will be as blistering as the Ontario Auditor General's report.  

Where is BC's Ombudsperson? 

We must keep sending our complaints to our BC ombudsperson and Auditor General even though it seems that the government has put pressure through budget cuts, etc to prevent these offices from addressing BC Hydro's egregious actions. Online Complaint Form 

Video: Ontario Ombudsman details 'shocking' billing practices at Hydro One by James Armstrong - Global News - March 11, 2015

Video:  Toronto Sun

Mar 15

Hydro overpowers private Langley school

BC Hydro cut off electricity to a South Langley school - Langley Advance news report

Letters: Smart meter draws negative reactions from all over B.C.

Response from all over B.C. to our story about a smart meter installation at a local Montessori school was so voluminous that we present here a representative sample.

NEWS STORY:  "Roots & Wings Montessori School has lost its fight against having a smart meter installed after BC Hydro cut off power Friday.  

"The South Langley school with about 45 children day in, day out has been against the wireless smart meters from the start. BC Hydro cut off power Friday and went into the school Saturday to install a smart meter.  

"We view this move on the part of BC Hydro as a bullying tactic, as we cannot be without power for the children," said principal Kristen Cassie.  

"When smart meters were introduced, the school chose to keep the old analog meter.  

"They tried here and I said 'no'," Cassie explained about when smart meters were introduced in B.C. "Parents drive long distances to bring their kids to this school." 

"Friday afternoon, after back and forth with BC Hydro for a couple of years, the electricy was shut off.  

"She called BC Hydro and was told someone could come out right away and replace it. She said no.  

"Cassie said she was also told institutional users don't have a right to refuse smart meters. . . . 

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