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Here you will find a growing number of legal proceedings currently filed, dealing with EMF and RF issues.


Apr 12

Nova Scotia couple suing Bell Aliant re cell tower damage

Edna & Marshall Pettipas would appreciate your help - She is fighting for us all

" . . . Edna's success could have important favourable repercussions in the public interest. It is an opportunity that should be grasped. The other side with their incomparable financial resources is likely to bring witnesses, from medical and physics perspectives, who will try to negate that harm and loss could befall Edna due to cell tower radiation. To meet this challenge, more witnesses are needed for Edna's side, in the public interest. 

"Edna's lawyer has shown bravery in taking the case on contingency, i.e. he does not get paid unless he wins. That means, however, that fundraising is necessary to enable bringing international experts to testify at the trial. These witnesses' names need to be submitted to the court in a few months time, well in advance of the trial. So there is pressure to meet a deadline.

"This is an appeal for donations to enable such witnesses to attend. All donations will be used strictly towards bringing witnesses for Edna's case. Please donate now directly to Edna's Legal Fund


Apr 1

A group in Italy is suing the Italian Health officials for not educating the Italian public about the steps they can talk to make using a cell phone safer.

"Turin, March 20 - An association has taken legal action against the Italian health ministry for not doing enough to inform the public about the health risks of using mobile phones, it emerged Thursday. The Association for the Prevention and Fight Against Electrosmog filed a petition with the Lazio administrative tribunal on the basis of International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) findings that 1,640 hours of cell phone use - the average over a 10-year period - increases the risk of developing brain cancer by 40%.

"The aim of the legal action is not to demonise cellphones, but rather to promote their correct use by forcing the ministry to launch a serious information campaign, lawyers acting for the association explained. The move is supported by Innocente Marcolini, a former company manager, who in 2012 won a Supreme Court battle to receive workers' compensation after developing a brain tumour due to prolonged cell phone use over a number of years. It was the first time that a high court in any country had ruled in favor of a link between mobile phone radiation and cancer.

"Many people are not aware of the risk they run by talking on their cellphone without an earpiece or keeping it in their trouser pocket," said Marcolini."

Mar 14

MOSCOW, March 11. /ITAR-TASS/.

"A resident of the Moscow Region, Nikolai Lesnikov, has won a lawsuit he had filed a while ago demanding the removal of the cell phone tower that had been put up just 20 meters away from his home. Ever more Russians these days come to understand the risks the electromagnetic pollution of the environment is fraught with. However, no national program for studying and preventing this danger exists yet.

"Lesnikov took the mobile phone operator MTS to court late last year. He argued that the company had abused his constitutional right to a favorable environment. In his complaint, he asked the court to oblige the defendants to remove the tower, located just 20 meters away from his country home. . . .

Mar 1

Cell Phone Radiation Litigation - Merchant Law Group

pursuing class action litigation in BC concerning cellular phone usage and allegations of resulting brain tumours

Merchant Law Group LLP

Class Actions

This lawsuit is aimed at corporations that have knowingly exposed the public to harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation.

Merchant Law Group LLP is pursuing class action litigation in British Columbia concerning cellular phone usage and allegations of resulting brain tumours.

Please note that joining our contact list for the Cell Phone Radiation Class Action creates no solicitor-client relationship, no financial obligation for you, and your information will be kept confidential.

If you are a B.C. resident and wish to receive updates about this action, particularly if you have used a cell phone and have been diagnosed with a brain tumour, please join the contact list by completing the form below. Please do not assume that this class action will result in individual compensation options being available. If you have any injury that you believe has been caused by cellular or other radiation, you need to contact your own lawyer and start an individual lawsuit regarding that injury without delay. . .   


Jan 14

BC Human Rights Tribunal Application Procedure (on-going)

FOR DISTRIBUTION in the matter of the CST application

First posted January 17, 2012 as part of the Doctor's Information Package on our website, this introductory information contains procedures and contact information re participation in the Human Rights Tribunal Class Action scheduled to begin in November of 2013.

Citizens for Safe Technology Society has made application to the BC Human Rights Tribunal to represent all those wishing to be accommodated with an analogue meter, and who feel disadvantaged by the forced exposure within their own home to wireless emissions beyond their control from a Smart Meter.

With our lawyer, we are working for a no-fee opt-out choice for people with electrosensitivity who experience heart irregularities, headaches, vertigo, nausea, anxiety, sleep disturbances, pain, and more from exposure to wireless devices.

Unfortunately, many people who tolerated such things as cordless phones and Wi-Fi are finding that the specific, strong pulses of the smart meter cause electrosensitivity symptoms where none existed before.  It also appears that the smart meters introduce "dirty electricity" to the wiring, which brings its own set of ill health symptoms. 

If you have a letter from a medical practioner e.g. doctor, naturopath, chiropractor or other, who can explain your condition in writing and verify that you experience ill health symptoms identified as electrosensitivity when exposed to wireless signals, then you can submit that with your full name, address and telephone number to Una St Clair and she will introduce your letter and name to the Human Rights Class Action.  Scan and email to una@citizensforsafetechnology.org or fax to 1-866-824-8865. 

Any further queries, such as a mailing address if you wish to mail your letter, can be addressed to Una St.Clair, again, at una@citizensforsafetechnology.org.

Applications are encouraged and accepted from those citizens who have a "legitimate" health complaint re electrosensitivity, and who have followed the specified procedure.  

This process is ongoing.  Please continue to send us your information.

Dec 8

" . . . Two gentlemen, Madeson Chase and Len Miller, of Vancouver, recently had their firearms seized as a result of their disagreements with the Smart Mer program. Miller, a well known opponent of Smart Meters and a retired Vancouver Police Detective, found a BC Hydro crew on his property, preparing to install a Smart Meter on his house. Miller informed them that they were trespassing, that he did not wish to have a Smart Meter installed and ordered them off the property. Miller then called Vancouver Police, informed them of the trespass and requested their assistance.

"When the police arrived, they asked Miller if there were any firearms in his home. When Miller responded that there were, the firearms were seized under the excuse that since Miller was angry and upset at the trespass on his property, he and his firearms represented a danger to pubic safety and the safety of the Smart Meter installers.

"Madeson Chase, also of Vancouver, had a similar experience with Smart Meters. . . .

Dec 7

CLASS ACTION PARTICIPATION FORM (Residential) Updated December 5, 2013

Necessary to JOIN CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against BC Hydro. Download, fill it in, and send it by Canada Post.


PARTICIPATION FORM  (Residential) to download

Required Participant Information:

Full legal name______________________________________________

Home address_______________________________________________


Mailing address if different_________________________________

E-mail address  ____________________   phone number   ____________

BC Hydro account number, if you have one  ____________

Suggested contribution towards class action legal services (circle one):

$10       $20       $30       $50       $100      OTHER:  ______

Additional donation for administration gratefully accepted $ _______

Please make cheque payable to "Coalition to Stop Smart Meters"

Date: ____________________________

Printed name: ________________________

Signature: ___________________________

to: Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

      PO Box 52061

      Beacon Ave., RPO

      Sidney, BC V8L 5V9


NB The PARTICIPATION FORM (downloadable below) is not an email form.  
We need your correspondence with us to be in writing

Please complete this Class Action Participation Form by printing out the form, filling in each section carefully, and mailing it to the address given at the bottom of the form, with your donation by cheque payable to "Coalition to Stop Smart Meters."


Participation Form for COMMERCIAL account holders




"mini" Class Action Participation Form (half-size)

Nov 21


PRESS RELEASE from Citizens for Safe Technology Society



Nov 13

BCUC FortisBC submission from lawyer

From David Aaron re: British Columbia Utilities Commission Order C-7-13 FortisBC Inc. Radio-Off AMI Meter Option Application - November 13, 2013

This submission is filed on behalf of the Citizens for Safe Technology Society ("CSTS") with respect to the merits of the above-referenced application by FortisBC Inc. ("FBC").

  • Frequency of meter reads 
  • RF Range extenders: negates benefit of opt-out
  • RF Range extenders: externalization of costs
  • RF Range extenders: arbitrary cost forecast
  • Reducing set-up fee by pre-configuring radios in "off" position
  • Radio-off configuration simultaneous with initial installation
  • Multiple meter premises
  • Further charge upon a move
  • Does the fee apply to a successor occupier?
  • Participation rates / Response
  • The deterrent effect
  • Fee increases
  • Increased revenues, externalized costs & service reductions
  • No accommodation for financial hardship
  • Human rights and equality
  • Confirmation
  • Other precedents, complaints and responses

Nov 8

BC Hydro Smart Meter Choices Application - Information Requests

Attention: Janet Fraser, Chief Regulatory Officer

The following information requests are advanced on behalf of the Citizens for Safe Technology Society and Nomi Davis et al. in relation to the proceedings initiated by way of the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority ("BCH") application of October 7, 2013 ("the BCH Application").

  • BCH customer categories 1 -5 
  • Who has been given a choice? 6 
  • BCH states: 7 - 9 
  • Holdout customers 10 -11 
  • Installations "put on hold" 12 - 14 
  • Customers who have suffered the installation of a smart meter against their will: 15 - 17 
  • Continued eligibility upon a move 18 
  • Commercial customers 19 
  • Direct correspondence 20 
  • Useless smart meters 21 - 25 
  • Estimated opt-out numbers? 26 - 33 
  • Charges 34 - 45 
  • Billing Costs 46 - 49 
  • Electric Cars 50 - 51 
  • Range Extenders 52 - 63 
  • Failed Installation Charges 64 - 69 
  • Moves 70 
  • Travel time 71 - 73 
  • Meter Readers 74 
  • The cost of turning radios off 75 - 76 
  • Opt-out revenue 77 
  • Other utilities 78 - 83 
  • Special customers 84 -85 
  • Nature of data 86 
  • BCH Application - Chapter 3 - Meter Choice Program Costs - page 3-9; Table 3-4; "Radio-Off Information Technology Capital Costs" 87 - 89

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