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Apr 19

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) A Personal Case Study by Steven Weller

A briefing on EHS for Health Professionals, Research Scientists, Government Officials and concerned members of the Public - November 27, 2013

"My name is Steven Weller and I wrote this Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) case study that is included with this covering statement with the hope it may be of benefit to those who either find themselves in a similar position to me, or, maybe just interested in a getting a better understanding of what EHS is and the likely cause.

"The study documents my personal journey towards self-diagnosis as being EHS, the ensuing questions it raised, along with information which might assist fellow sufferers to better cope with a condition which, until relatively recently, was unknown on our planet.

"Initially, I wasn't even aware that there was such a condition as EHS. It was purely by accident that I discovered that I was sensitive to certain radiofrequencies (RF). I have 25 years' experience working in Information Technology. Radiofrequencies have been a significant part of the landscape for me for a number of years.

"At the time I first made the connection between my symptoms and exposure to certain technology, it was a simply a matter of making a few minor adjustments, and I was able to manage my condition. Life continued as normal. The mandatory rollout of wireless smart meters in my neighbourhood unfortunately changed all this.

"I was torpedoed onto a path which has involved me in spending countless fruitless hours seeking answers from the medical establishment and government agencies, innumerable amounts of time conducting my own research, followed by a quest to seek answers from the authorities who pronounce upon the safety of our RF standards. A high level of protection is offered I am told.

"I have been sorely disappointed by their response. Unfortunately, Governments and the Industry appear to be focused only on the perceived benefits of these technologies (and money) without considering any potential long term health implications that they may bring.

"We are bio-electrical systems. Our bodies do not incorporate elaborate shielding and we are not impervious or hardened against this form of radiation, which today can be billions or more times higher than what occurs naturally. Representatives of the industry and RF Standard bodies often assert that there is "no clear or conclusive" scientific evidence regarding the biological effects of low level or "non-thermal" RF exposures, a statement that has also been continually recycled for many years. But in actuality, a large body of scientific research documentation exists that shows RF exposures at low (non thermal) levels can produce adverse effects that have serious health implications.

Many countries around the world including Australia have adopted ICNIRP 1998 RF Guidelines. In an ICNIRP Statement released in 2002 which is obfuscated with a document title of "philosophy" http://www.icnirp.de/documents/philosophy.pdf clearly says on p 546
"Some guidelines may still not provide adequate protection for certain sensitive individuals nor for normal individuals exposed concomitantly to other agents...." that "Different groups in a population may have differences in their ability to tolerate a particular NIR exposure. For example, children, the elderly, and some chronically ill people might have a lower tolerance for one or more forms of NIR exposure than the rest of the population." (NIR - Non Ionising Radiation)  
The World Health Organisation also has the following to say about current ICNIRP RF "Guidelines"

"What guidelines cannot account for...

"...Guidelines are set for the average population and cannot directly address the requirements of a minority of potentially more sensitive people...."
Source: http://www.who.int/peh- emf/about/WhatisEMF/en/index4.html

It is obvious in my eyes that there is no desire to uncover the truth because of the legal implications to governments and the industry around the world. It seems that we who are EHS are collateral damage in the name of progress.

It's been a lonely and frustrating journey. Hopefully, this study might make the road a little easier for those that follow. Sadly, with rapidly escalating levels of electro-smog around the globe, I believe these numbers will undoubtedly be increasing.

In closing I would like to quote Dr Julian Hollis:

"Science is all about free investigation in order to discover facts, regardless of popular 'consensus'. Theories are always open to and under review and data are re-examined; no matter how much 'truth' is valued; even ideologically protected. There is also a vital role to be played through constructive imagination...what would happen if? There is always a need to remain fearlessly open to new, unexpected, even unwelcome discoveries. Past history records over and over again unwelcome discoveries that have forced change: thus those scientists brave enough to challenge vested interests or systems of mass belief have usually been dismissed, sidelined; even brutalized" ('Geology of Change' class notes 10th February 2012 provided to me by an associate).

"Whilst the above statements are in the context of the Earth Sciences, I would suggest the comments are perhaps even more relevant to the debate currently raging within the scientific community over evidence of adverse effects in the non-ionizing area of the electromagnetic spectrum. . . .

Mar 30

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian Initiative to Stop Wireless Electric and Electromagnetic Pollution

Mar 16

Rhode Island Wireless Awareness - Meetings

Third Thursday of every month at Food for Thought, 577 Kingstown Rd., Wakefield, RI

This is an informational meeting, held monthly, for RI residents who are concerned about the unregulated proliferation of wireless technology, specifically the use of Wi-Fi in schools, the roll out of "smart" wireless utility meters in Rhode Island, and cell towers in residential neighborhoods.

There will be a discussion about wireless radiation and health effects, how to protect your family, current legislation, and what's happening in other states.

Beginning April 17, we will meet the third Thursday of every month. The public is invited.

We will meet at Food for Thought, 
577 Kingstown Road,
Wakefield, Rhode Island 

For more information please call (401) 284-4530.

Feb 23

Canadian Human Rights Commission

Report, Perspectives and Summary regarding environmental sensitivities

Jan 9

Consensus paper of the Austrian Medical Association's EMF Working Group

Guideline of the Austrian Medical Association for the diagnosis and treatment of EMF- related health problems and illnesses (EMF syndrome)

Adopted at the meeting of environmental medicine officers of the Regional Medical Association's and the Austrian Medical Association on 3rd March 2012 in Vienna.


"There has been a sharp rise in unspecific, often stress-associated health problems that increasingly present physicians with the challenge of complex differential diagnosis. A cause that has been accorded little attention so far is increasing electrosmog exposure at home, at work and during leisure activities, occurring in addition to chronic stress in personal and working life. It correlates with an overall situation of chronic stress that can lead to burnout.

"How can physicians respond to this development?

"The Austrian Medical Association has developed a guideline for differential diagnosis and potential treatment of unspecific stress-related health problems associated with electrosmog. Its core element is a patient questionnaire consisting of a general assessment of stress symptoms and a specific assessment of electrosmog exposure.

"The guideline is intended as an aid in diagnosing and treating EMF-related health problems. . . .

In summary, the following treatment measures appear advantageous, depending on the individual case:

a) Reduction of exposure to electric and magnetic fields and high frequency electromagnetic waves. For more information see e.g. the information folder on electrosmog

b) Lifestyle coaching (exercise, nutrition, addictive substances, sleeping habits etc.) and stress reduction measures (reduction of general stress and work stress), as well as methods to increase stress resistance (autogenic training, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, breathing techniques, meditation, tai chi, qui gong).

c) Holistic treatments such as anti-oxidative and anti-nitrosative therapies, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids.

d) Treatment of symptoms until the causes have been identified and eliminated. . . .

Dec 7

Doctor's Information Package

Addressed to Medical Professionals. Useful to all. Updated November 17, 2013

The following package is for those who wish to approach their doctors with information regarding the possible health risks from non-thermal microwave radiation.  It contains links organized into specific health effect categories.  These links can be printed out according to personal areas of need or concern, and used to start a dialogue with doctors who may not as yet have associated certain health conditions with EMF or RF exposure.  

The introductory letter on pages 1 and 2 contains a link to the entire list, and may be useful to your doctor as a reference tool. 

"Dear Medical Professional:

"Your patient has asked us for support in providing you with information regarding the possible health risks from non-thermal microwave radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, recently reclassified by the WHO/IARC as a Class 2B, possible human carcinogen.

"This WHO risk category also includes lead, DDT, chloroform, and dioxane, and is relevant to all wireless devices emitting radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, including cordless phones, cell phones, IPads, Wi-Fi routers, wireless games, baby monitors, and smart meters . . .

"Many doctors have already given medical advice to their patients by way of a medical letter or note on a prescription form stating that the patient should avoid, for medical reasons, living in a residence or residential complex at which a wireless meter is operating in order to maintain their health or avoid aggravating a medical condition. This medical advice stating the health condition and advising the patient that they should avoid ongoing exposure to wireless radiofrequency and smart meter emissions will allow your patient to participate in the Human Rights Action currently underway. We are hopeful that the individual's right to protect their health as advised by their medical doctor will be upheld by the Human Rights Tribunal, and this forced exposure within their own home to undesirable microwave radiofrequency emissions will be replaced with reasonable and respectful accommodation by BC Hydro . . . "

Information categories contained in this package: 

  1. Microwave Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation - General 
  2. Smart Meters
  3. Interference with medical devices / Smart Meter Risk
  4. Children
  5. EHS/ES - Electrosensitivity
  6. Diabetes
  7. Heart
  8. Tinnitus / Microwave Hearing / Dental Effects
  9. Sleep and Insomnia
  10. Infertility / Sperm Damage
  11. Cell Towers - Applicable to constant low-level exposures
  12. Cell Phones
  13. Published Articles
  14. BEES - This section included due to potential impacts on human health from loss of bees and pollination
  15. Lawsuits, Scientific Statements and Letters
  16. Cancer
  17. Brain Function / Epilepsy / Alzheimer's / ALS
Also available:

Open Letter to GP and Other Medical Colleagues  January, 2012
Guidelines for Doctors
AAEM calls for Caution (American Academy of Environmental Medicine)

Dec 6

AAEM Medical Conditions Alert (specifically Smart Meters)

Recommendations Regarding EMR Exposure - American Academy of Environmental Medicine Recommendations Regarding Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Exposure - Submitted by:Amy L. Dean, DO and William J. Rea, MD

" . . . Because Smart Meters produce Radiofrequency emissions, it is recommended that patients with the above conditions and disabilities be accommodated to protect their health. The AAEM recommends: that no Smart Meters be on these patients' homes, that Smart Meters be removed within a reasonable distance of patients' homes depending on the patients' perception and/or symptoms, and that no collection meters be placed near patients' homes depending on patients' perception and/or symptoms . . . .

RELATED: AAEM Calls for Immediate Caution regarding Smart Meter Installation  

Dec 1

Smart Meter Health Complaints (includes Registry)

EMF Safety Network - U.S., applicable to Canada and elsewhere (ongoing)

Smart Meter Health Complaints

The following comments about how the new wireless utility Smart Meters have affected people's health have been sent to the EMF Safety Network, or publicly posted.

If you are having health problems related to the installation of smart meters please send your comments and


Nov 30

The EMF debate changes: Laboratory proof that low powered electromagnetic fields do effect human metabolism

"The implementation of Hydro Quebec's Smart Meter program has lead to a lot of citizen resistance and heated debates over complex scientific issues. Basically the question is should society implement a Precautionary Principle with respect to this technology or continue to allow unrestrained use of wireless technologies under the umbrella of Health Canada's position that non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation has no effect on human health.

"I would like to share with you why I believe that in the light of some recent research, the foundation of this debate has changed. . . .

"The following document was prepared to support the municipality of Lachine, Quebec in their demand for a moratorium on the installation of Smart Meters by Hydro Quebec. Considering the importance of this information, I invite everyone to freely share this document with their own municipal authorities. . .

"Why focus on municipalities? Because they are the one layer of government the closest to the population and people tend to actually have a voice in many municipal issues.

Hydro Quebec's Smart Meter Program The Precautionary Principle with respect to EMF radiation 
Letter to City Councils


Nov 9

AAEM Wireless Smart Meter Case Studies

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

" . . .The peer reviewed, scientific literature demonstrates the correlation between EMF/RF exposure and neurological, cardiac, and pulmonary disease as well as reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, cancer and other health conditions. The evidence is irrefutable. Despite this research, claims have been made that studies correlating smart meter emissions with adverse health effects do not exist.

"The AAEM has received a case series submitted by Dr. Federica Lamech, MBBS, Self-Reporting of Symptom Development from Exposure to Wireless Smart Meters' Radiofrequency Fields in Victoria. AAEM supports this research. It is a well documented 92 case series that is scientifically valid. It clearly demonstrates adverse health effects in the human population from smart meter emissions. . .

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