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Apr 11

NOus ReFuson - Un Decret Pour Stopper Les Compteurs!

12 Avril a 12h - Montreal (National Demonstration asking a governmental decree ending the deployment of radio frequency transmitters counters)


Petite Manifestation matinale

pour marquer le debut des audiences phase 2-3
visant l'ensemble du QUEBEC
9 avril 2014 a  8 h 30
Regie de l'energie, 800, Square-Victoria, Montreal

Grande Manifestation Nationale 

contre les compteurs <<intelligent>> d'HQ
12 avril a 12 h

NEWS REPORT  Montreal, April 12, 2014 La Seigneurie
NEWS REPORT  Montreal, April 12, 2014 Le Journal De Montreal

Apr 2

White Paper on Smart Meter Concerns

James W. Stitley, Research Biochemist

James Stitley has a rich and long career as a research biochemist. He is a recent member of Sedona Smart Meter Awareness in Arizona.

  • Potential Risks of Implementation of Smart Meters Before Full Safety Clearance . . .
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) . . .
  • Possible Long Term Risks if no Moratorium Before Proven Safe . . .
  • Suggested Action Steps . . .

Apr 1

Powerwatch (U.K.)

policies for a safer environment

Mar 30

Oct 2013, in a letter from Canadian Teacher Foundation to Royal Society of Canada, the CTF says that of 3800 teachers surveyed. 31.5% agreed that precautions to limit exposure from WI-FI in schools should be taken.

"We propose a prudent approach to the use of Wi-Fi, especially where children are present. Our poll of teachers clearly indicated that pedagogical needs could be met in schools with an approach that limits exposure to Wi-Fi."

CTF HANDBOOK (detailed document)  

Mar 24

Hydro One PIZZA (Ontario)

Join the fight against Hydro rates in Ontario April 4th



Most of the protests are scheduled for 12 noon on April 4, 2014, while some have a different start time.  Check for your area here, and also read up on the background of the issue:
More Information

Published on Mar 23, 2014

"A short clip that uses the simple delivery of a pizza to show how the current pricing structure of Hydro One is affecting RURAL RESIDENTS, and the burden it is placing on retirees and pensioners in rural areas. It is a tongue-in-cheek clip but is also very serious, as many of our seniors are afraid to turn on their lights. They wear three sweaters to stay warm and still get a $500.00 monthly bill or more.

"For those who live in the city, do you know what the government has done to the Rurals?"

"SAY NO TO HYDRO HIKES" RALLY, Saturday December 7, 2013

The second of two clips shot at the rally in Ottawa at MPP Bob Chiarelli's Riding office on Carling Avenue.  Over 300 people turned out in the cold December weather to voice their disgust re energy policies and the future of Ontario under the effects of the Green Energy Act. 

Mar 23

Matters of Concern To Citizens of the State of Victoria (Australia)

A Letter to Australian Premier re Smart Meters

We are not alone in resisting this device which endangers our health and privacy, and the enforcement of the program which threatens our civil rights:

Mar 17

Good morning, 

We apologize for the delay in updating you on the progress over the past few months. The team has all been extremely busy with their respective roles and actions. We anticipate the next few to be just as busy as the Royal Society review of Safety Code 6 is due to be released. Below are 3 key updates.

As of this AM, we are pleased to inform you that C4ST is now officially bilingual, representing both English and French speaking Canadians working to update Safety Code 6 at the federal level. Our intro French page can be found HERE. This morning we sent out a press release introducing our two new French speaking board members Ms Veronique Riopel, and Ms Francine Riopel, who are joining the C4ST board from Laval Refuse, a smart meter opposition group in Laval Quebec who just last week achieved great success when Laval council adopted precedent setting resolutions regarding smart meters. See the resolutions HERE Ms Riopel and Ms Lajoie will immediately assume the roles of both smart meter and French representations for C4ST. The press release from this morning can be found HERE. 

Today we also launch our campaign for public consultation on Industry Canada's proposed updates to their antenna citing procedures CPC-2-0-03. This is the mandated guideline that all telecommunication carriers must adhere to when installing new cellular towers/antennae. It is this procedure that has been at the heart of thousands Canadians' and municipalities' nightmares as towers go up with little to no notification to neighbouring residents, and no recourse. Industry Canada has opened a consultation process to hear Canadian citizens' and politician's opinions and suggestions to the updates taking place. It closes on March 31st, 2014. There has never been a better chance to have your and your local council's voice heard. Your comments have a major effect as we witnessed with the recent Toronto decisions. Please take 5 minutes and send your comments in HERE. Please share this page widely. 

The much anticipated and conflicted RSC (Royal Society of Canada)'s review of Safety Code 6 is scheduled to be released at the end of this month. Despite some success in having the panel chair and two other conflicted panelists removed, we believe the pending release will not reflect the current independent research, and will serve the status quo. See details HERE. We have opened dialogue with Health Canada re our concerns. They have assured us that they will consult further with Canadians prior to finalizing the revised  Safety Code 6. This is a step forward as we now believe the RSC review is not necessarily going to solely dictate the update to Safety Code 6. 

We will be in touch more frequently over the weeks to come with updates and requests for your comments. Stay tuned..  As always thank you for your continued interest and support as we work to change Safety Code 6. 


Frank Clegg

Mar 4

Letter to Rhode Island House Committee on Corporations

House Bill No. 7343 - re smart meters

March 4, 2014

Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask for your support re. House Bill No. 7343, a bill that proposes opt-outs for wireless utility "smart" meters in Rhode Island.  It will be heard by the House Committee on Corporations at a hearing this afternoon. 

****PLEASE NOTE:  Although we appreciate the efforts of the co-sponsors of this bill, it doesn't go far enough.  WE ARE ASKING THAT THE BILL BE AMENDED TO READ AS AN OUTRIGHT BAN ON ALL SO-CALLED "SMART" AND/OR WIRELESS BROADCAST UTILITY METERS IN THE STATE OF RHODE ISLAND****.  

Why?  . . . 

Mar 3

Letters Galore FEBRUARY

a sampling of many letters sent to BCUC, BC Hydro and the media re BC Hydro's "Meter Choices Program"

LETTERS GALORE (February, 2014) 

Addressed to the BCUC, BC Hydro, Langley Times, Bill Good . . . re BC Hydro's Proposed Opt-Out Fee


Feb 22


Rent the online video, or order the DVD

As an affiliate of Take Back Your Power, CST is pleased to make this revelatory documentary available here on our website.  Please consider ordering your copy/copies through us, as a small portion of the proceeds will help us in our goal to raise awareness about this important issue.

Watch "Take Back Your Power" online now, or order the DVD for your own showing, via this link: http://ykr.be/1cklad1jik  

Thank you! 


Smart Meters: Utility Break-in, Government Bribery and Your Higher Bills
Live Blood Cell Analysis 
Smart Meters and Surveillance: What are Your Rights Worth?

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