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Mar 16

Rose Hill Off-Grid Farm

For those needing an EHS safe "escape."


Rose Hill Off-Grid Farm is a year-round natural retreat surrounded by river, lakes and mountain wilderness.  With miles of forest trails, this retreat is a unique destination for nature walks, photography, biking, motor cycling, off-road terrain adventures, hiking, fishing, cross country skiing, or simply sitting on the balcony appreciating the silence.

This 162-acre property is located in Horsefly in the Cariboo region of British Columbia. The nearest major town is Williams Lake - about an hour's drive away.  The land consists of hilly terrain with varying flora ranging from aspen and pine trees to rose hips.  It is rife with wildlife. Grouse, rabbits, coyotes, squirrels and chipmunks are in evidence. Deer and moose may be encountered on the property.

Situated in the middle of provincial crown land, which is leased for logging, Rose Hill is surrounded by forest with no human neighbors bordering the property. Access to Rose Hill is by a forest service road off the main road.

Owing to the terrain, the property has several sites that offer complete privacy from the main residence yet are within easy walking distance.

A self-contained rustic-style residence with its own private entrance is connected to the main building.  This lodging, with open kitchen and Great Room, is equipped on the main floor with eating and lounging area, parlour, fireplace, full bathroom and large BBQ deck.  It has two full bedrooms upstairs with sleeping accommodations for as many as seven persons.

A comfy, separate two-bedroom cabin capable of sleeping four, is also available.  It has no electrical appliances, but it has a wood stove and a BBQ cook top available. It is lit with candles and solar lamps.

There is no electrical utility service anywhere on the property; however Rose Hill does not lack modern conveniences. All electricity is generated by a solar panel charging system with a gasoline-powered electrical generator for backup. Water is supplied by a shallow well with a smaller deep well for backup.

As Rose Hill is used as an off-grid demonstration centre, there will be visitors and guests to the property from time to time.

Due to the remoteness of this retreat, there are no cell phone towers, Wi-Fi routers, or EMR from Smart Meters.  Telecommunications and Internet are accessed via satellite service only, with the dish on a pole mounted away from the house to maintain safety for EHS persons.

Limited tenting and RV parking are available in summer months.

Feel free to share this information with others looking for an EHS safe retreat or holiday experience, or anyone interested in learning how to live off-grid.


Rose Hill Off-Grid Farm is now taking reservations.

For short-term rental and inquiries, please email info@rosehilloffgrid.ca or telephone 604-901-6916. 


Nov 7

Questionnaire - Environmental Health Association of Quebec

Would you like to buy your own home in a healthy community? - Housing Project News

Great news! On land next to our affordable housing project, which will be built on 25 acres, there is the possibility to buy or rent homes built specifically for people suffering from Environmental Sensitivities (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Mould Sensitivity, Electromagnetic Sensitivity). This project could be on another 25 acres of land. Approximately 50 acres of land, will be used for these two projects. This land will be free of triggers that cause sensitivities. You could own your own home or rent a place to live. Imagine the freedom to live without being exposed to things that make you sick. For more information or to fill the questionnaire . . . 

Please return the questionnaire by November 30, 2012.

Do you suffer from Multiple Chemical and Mould Sensitivity, Electromagnetic Sensitivity or overlapping chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue? Are you looking to buy a house in a healthy area: no pesticides, chemicals, cell towers, WiFi, traffic pollution, wood smoke?

Surrounded by forest and fresh air, situated in the heart of the Laurentian Mountains, on 25 acres of land a housing development is being planned for homes built to specifications that would suit people with these chronic conditions. It has been established that living in a healthy home in a pristine area is the significant factor in recovery from these health conditions . . .

Oct 11

Creation of the first EHS Refuge Zone in Italy

within the Vena del Gesso Regional Park

"This project, unique in Italy and among the first in Europe, was started thanks to a private initiative, but the authorities of the Parc of Emilia Romagna in the urban district of Brisighella have made a major contribution to its creation and to publicising its existence. They plan a further extension in the future of the boundaries of this zone with low electromagnetic radiation.

"Open since May 2010, everything in the Zone is free, including a Bed & Breakfast called "The Wolf's Hideaway" (Eremo del Lupo), the first in Italy for the EHS. The building was restored and shielded with anti-EMF insulation, particularly the bedrooms, and it has space for five EHS guests.

"This electrosmog-free B&B is 2.5km from the station of Brisighella (Faenza-Florence line, not electrified) and is in the middle of an unspoilt landscape, just next to the Refuge Zone . . .

Aug 9

Free Wi-Fi axed for West Van park

Surfing the Internet while relaxing at the beach isn't appealing to West Vancouver council.

This Council has been doing their homework . . .

"They axed the installation of free public Wi-Fi at John Lawson Park at a recent council meeting, saying it would ruin the calm beach setting.

"It's such a marvelous place; you reflect as quiet. It's serene, people can sit," said Coun. Bill Soprovich, who opposed the idea. Coun. Trish Panz agreed, saying she hopes Wi-Fi won't be proposed for all West Vancouver parks.

"The plan for free Wi-Fi was the only part of an Ambleside waterfront enhancement plan to be rejected by council . . .

Aug 8

Safe Space Schools in Four Locations

Roots and Wings Montessori Schools (BC Lower Mainland)

Roots and Wings Montessori Schools now located in Langley, Surrey, Sullivan Square and Campbell Valley
Class 1 certified independent schools:  Preschool, Daycare, Elementary, Secondary

Contact:  www.rootsandwingsbc.com

May 23

Radio Frequency Free Campground

Safe Space: Killbear Provincial Park, near Perry Sound, Ontario

Killbear Provincial Park is a park located on Georgian Bay in Parry Sound District, Ontario, near the town of Nobel.  Killbear combines sandy beaches with the granite and pines of the Canadian Shield.  

Activities in the park include camping, swimming, boating, cycling and fishing. The park's proximity to Southern Ontario makes it very popular, especially in peak season, and reservations are often necessary despite its large number of campsites.  The campsites are divided into campgrounds which are often focused on a feature like a beach. They include: Beaver Dams, Blind Bay, Georgian, Granite Saddle, Harold Point, Kilcoursie Bay and Lighthouse. 

Further Information
And more . . .

Mar 15

"In Olvera, a beautiful town of Cadiz, the Councillor for the Environment, James Steward, confirmed that the full City Council unanimously approved to declare the town a "Electromagnetic Pollution-Free Municipality". Importantly, with the unanimity of the United Left party, but voted for by the Spanish Socialist Party and the Popular Party, and harnessed it has motivated different political forces, is to ensure a safe and healthy environment the villagers. We can say openly and without fear of error, that there are no official records of municipalities, with the same kind of decision. Just know that in Cartagena and Murcia several villages in neighboring federations called for something similar, as have many provinces of Spain, but have just not progressed.  

"As an extension of the news, Environment Councilman James Waiter said, "As our town is small, we have the typical problem of the tomes of masts on the roofs, on the contrary, the urban landscape of the upper population is adorned by a concrete tower with antennas installed and lack of legality, which we intend to remove it immediately. "

"And every day that this issue gets more heated -- and just last week the newspaper released a story in which a former flight attendant and a former technical director of a university, both of French origin, became refugees living in a cave in the Alps to protect themselves from the "unbearable pain" produced by electromagnetic waves."

Oct 11

"Wi-Fi Refugees" moving to Green Bank, West Virginia (VIDEO)

escaping electromagnetic radiation - A massive radiotelescope prohibits any mainstream electronics from being used nearby

"Tranquil Pocahontas County is not where Diane Schou planned to end up.

"It's difficult for me to know that it's an affliction that anybody can share with anyone," she says. "Anyone can get this."

"Schou and her husband were farmers in Iowa. When a cell phone tower was built near their home she says her problems started . . .

"We told him about the cell tower and his reaction was, 'Move.'"

"While not a formal diagnosis in America, electromagnetic sensitivity is recognized in several European countries. And last May, the World Health Organization classified it as a possible carcinogen.

"I would call myself a refugee/fugitive and I would say it's 'electromagnetic radiation fugitive,'" she says.

"She's found peace and health in West Virginia. Inside the "National Radio Quiet Zone," a 13-thousand square mile piece of land free from most radio signals. Inside it are Covington, Clifton Forge, Lexington and Buena Vista. But even more restrictive is the ten mile radius around a massive radiotelescope that maps outer space . . ."

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