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Sep 27

Acoustimeter Information

Instrument information and manual with technical specifications and EXAMPLE SOUND FILES

The Acoustimeter and Acousticom2 are made by Alasdair Philips of Powerwatch. This is their UK website: http://www.emfields-solutions.com/detectors/acousticom-2.asp

Another source for meters and other information in Canada is EMF Solutions.

The Acoustimeters are good basic meters that measure RF in the environment. They are not as accurate as more sophisticated meters used by reputable evaluation professionals.  


The Acoustimeter is a versatile microwave detector. It presents RF measurements as an audio signal, with LEDs and accurate readings on an LCD screen. It also measures both the peak and average readings at the same time. It covers the spectrum from TETRA all the way up to and beyond the 5.6 GHz WiFi and WiMax frequencies, and is sensitive down to 0.02 V/m, making it a suitable instrument for those with severe electrosensitivity. 

Acousticom 2

The Acousticom 2 is the newest microwave detector. It presents RF measurements as an audio signal, with LEDs and an alarm at high levels of RF (you can also switch the sound off if you prefer to be less obvious when taking readings). With simple controls, easy to read results, but still using the same advanced microwave detector as our Acoustimeter, this instrument is perfect for those on a budget. It is smaller and lighter than the Acoustimeter, and comes in its own carry pouch.  

Apr 10

SAR Values (Specific Absorption Rate)

Alcatel, Apple, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Sagem, Samsung, Siemens, Sony, Sony Ericsson

"SAR (specific absorption rate) is a measurement of how much electromagnetic radiation is absorbed by body tissue whilst using a mobile phone. The higher the SAR the more radiation is absorbed.

"In Europe, the European Union Council has adopted the recommendations made by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP Guidelines 1998). These recommendations set a SAR limit of 2.0 W/kg in 10g of tissue. The UK Government has endorsed this limit (following a report by the Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones) and the five mobile phone network operators have agreed to voluntarily adopt the ICNIRP guidelines for public exposure. All mobile phones on sale in the UK comply with this limit.

"In the United States, the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) requires all cell phones to comply with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) SAR limit of 1.6 W/kg in 1g of tissue.

  • How to reduce your exposure to phone radiation 
  • SAR Values
Wireless Exposure Simplified and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Test

Apr 1

A reminder for those of you with analogs.

In lieu of a meter reader, call your own analog readings in to BC Hydro. The wait time will vary, but you will speak to a customer rep who will take the the information.  

For FortisBC customers, the Fortis contact information on our websites and, when the time comes, we will remind you again.

Read your Analog Meter (Instructions & Website Links) here:
BC Hydro- customer.service@bchydro.com

https://www.bchydro.com/toolbar/contact.html (Subject: Billing)
FortisBC - https://secure.fortisbc.com/custInfo/Login/listForm.do?listForm=10


Aug 12

Beacon Signals - I've Done the Math

Wi-Fi Router Facts and Figures

" . . . Ten pulses per second equals:

  • six hundred pulses per minute 
  • thirty-six thousand pulses per hour 
  • two hundred and eighty-eight thousand pulses in an eight hour day 
  • two hundred and sixteen thousand pulses in a six hour school day 
all from ONE small router or access point. . . .


Mar 2

"When I first started researching electromagnetic fields one of the biggest problems I had was getting my head around all the jargon; trying to understand what all the different measurement units that are used to quantify EMFs meant.

"Most people have vaguely heard of terms like Volts, Watts, Gauss and Hertz but then between having heard of a term and having even a vague understanding of its meaning, there is often a big gulf. Here I hope to answer at least some of your questions . . .

Feb 27

Published on Dec 6, 2012

This video provides a simple, yet profound lesson. The radio frequency radiation being transmitted from your wireless router or modem is extremely toxic and detrimental to your health. Notice how high the measurements are on the RF meter! Most of us are living and working in this type of RF radiation exposure every single day and night.

The fix, or remediation is simple. Plug your modem or router into your computer using an Ethernet connection (hardwire), and "disable" the wireless function on your modem or router. This is very important for the health and safety of all those in your home or office. If you need to use the wireless function, then turn it on for a short time, do your task or watch your movie, then disable it once again. Never leave your wireless internet on all night as it will cause sleep disturbances which lead to even worse health issues.

The fix is simple! Ethernet cord and disable the wireless function.

Jan 13

Smart Grid Communications: Frequencies and Emissions

FHT/FFT Frequency and Cross Spectrum dB Power Levels of Broadband over Power Lines Emissions

"This document is intended as an addition and to complement an earlier document titled: Smart Grid: An Explanation For The Layman or How Smart Grid Will Affect Your Life [1].

"It examines and attempts to explain the communications transfer methodology that is being utilized to achieve Broadband over Power Lines (BPL), the backbone communications structure enabling the implementation of Smart Grid.

"This communications structure is highly technically complex and complicated. As such only a very shallow "skim across the surface" explanation is given. There are very few references to the BPL communications methods, vendors have patented and made it proprietary information. However, wherever possible references are given to multiple sources for the purpose of confirmation and cross referencing . . .

"The final section is a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign study showing that frequencies based on 11.719Hz affect the brain. The study is called Anger Style, Psychopathology, and Regional Brain Activity

"The included tables: FFT Frequency and Cross Spectrum dB Power Levels of Broadband over Power Lines Emissions show the frequencies of BPL emissions at 10 bits, 2048 pulse "dots". These are arranged into a signal using algorithms based on Fast Hartley Transform (a form of Fast Fourier Transforms) Large Size Constellation Matrix proprietary BPL vendor software. The values are listed as frequency against power line emission dB levels . . .

Nov 11

Smart Meters / Emission Levels

Katarina Gustavs / Rainbow Consulting

" . . . Below is my full-length response to a letter by Gary Murphy, B.C. Hydro Chief Project Officer of the Smart Meter Program, in the Sooke News Mirror."

"In reply to B.C. Hydro's reassuring statements from 19 September 2012, I would like to share some not so assuring observations from the field. As an EMF consultant, I take measurements of radio-frequency exposure levels in homes. If a wireless smart meter is attached to the exterior of a bedroom wall behind which someone tries to sleep, peak RF exposure levels across the bed may range anywhere from 0.01 to 0.15 uW/cm2. Yes, this peak level is even lower than the average level of 2 uW/cm2 given for a distance of 20 cm right in front of a smart meter.

"So what is the problem? At such close range to a wireless smart meter, all of a sudden, some people cannot sleep, some people develop constant headaches, and others feel dizzy. How can that be when the wireless smart meters comply with the threshold limit of 600 uW/cm2 outlined in Health Canada's Safety Code 6? They even comply with the Swiss threshold limit of 4.2 uW/cm2 issued for cell towers, though they are not the "strictest precautionary limits." To my knowledge, the strictest limits issued by a government agency are the Ukrainian guidelines with 2.4 uW/cm2. All of these official guidelines protect from acute effects such as shocks and burns, as well as elevated tissue temperatures. However, they do not protect from chronic effects of long-term low-level exposures . . .

Emission Levels of Itron OpenWay Smart Meter

Oct 5

Smart Grid and Smart Meter Architecture POWERPOINT

Wireless Safety Summit Washington DC, Oct. 5, 2011



Jul 29

"This Report is prepared in support of open discussion on radiofrequency microwave radiation levels (RF radiation levels) that are produced by wireless electric meters (i.e. smart meters) in California. There has been virtually no information made available to the public, nor to decision-makers, on RF radiation levels. Significant unanswered questions still exist about what levels of radiofrequency microwave radiation will be produced by these meters.

"This question has very important consequences for public health and welfare, because the public may be subjected to exposures at levels that either violate federal safety limits, or face chronic exposure levels that have already been associated with adverse health impacts, or both . . .

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