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These videos and audio recordings have been sourced from television and online materials. Documentaries, various news items, public events, interviews, demonstrations, editorials . . . all with information about the effects of wireless technologies on individuals, societies and environments.  

Aug 3

Resisting Technocracy and "Smart Grid" Ultimatums

Josh Hart Interview on Checkin' It Out with Dr. James Tracy

Josh Hart is founder and director of www.StopSmartMeters.org, one of the foremost organizations raising public awareness on the rollout of wireless technology and the "smart grid." Hart is a journalist and researcher, having completed graduate work at the University of West England at Bristol on the relationship between transportation, roadway activity and quality of community life. In 2008 his scholarship was covered in over 100 international media outlets including the BBC, the Guardian, Tehran Times, and the Daily Mail.

Jul 29

Patient Safety Cindy Sage

Speak Up and Stay Alive - RadiOh! Interview

Are hospitals safe for newborns? Cindy Sage joins Pat to discuss some of the findings of the updated BioInitiative Report as it relates to hospital safety. Listen as she answers some audience email questions.

Jun 18

StopSmartMetersBC - Robert Riedlinger

Victoria Protest Rally June 14, 2014

Robert was one of the first people in BC to get involved with the electromagnetic pollution issue, first Cell Towers, then Power LInes, Wi-Fi and Smart Meters.

Jun 18

The Corporate Propaganda Machine - Jack Etkin

Victoria Protest Rally - June 14, 2014

Speaking at a recent "Stop Smart Meters" public rally in front of the Parliament Buildings in Victoria BC: Jack Etkin longtime activist and host of many publicly broadcast video interviews on the topic of social issues of concern. Mr. Etkin suggests that our real problem is control of politics by corporations who also own just about all the mainstream media outlets where the public receives its information. The truth is simply not being told to the public on a long list of issues where the corporate addenda is involved. Do you really think you would be told information which would lead to a huge loss in corporate profit, even if it involved health risks? Smart meters are much more than the stated better electricity meter. In home surveillance of everything you do is just around the bend and the reason for all the new smart appliances. Corporate Surveillance even while you sleep.

Join the citizens' class action lawsuit against BC Hydro.  

Jun 18

Take Back Your Town - Smart Meter Protest Rally in Shuswap-North Okanagan, B.C.

A report on the National Rally in Salmon Arm, June 14, 2014 (One of the National Rally in nine Canadian Communities Coast to Coast)

Rain held off and sun broke through at many intervals providing comfortable weather for the lively turnout of 61 people who lined several blocks of the Trans Canada Highway through downtown Salmon Arm. Some came from Vernon, Enderby, Armstrong, Sorrento and even one from Saskatchewan.

A great variety of informative signs brought messages that certainly seemed to impact the many. With stop lights all along this section of the TCHwy highway, traffic was slowed down and honks and waves of support were abundant as many managed to read our messages.

The focus was on the whole microwave radiation grid, from smart meters to cell towers. One key aspect of the rally is demanding the removal of 4 dangerously placed towers in the city, the need for a public forum on this matter, and the need for City Council and staff to develop their Cell Tower Siting Consultation Policy using research from non industry funded scientists, and terminating their present reliance on Industry Canada and Health Canada who most of us are aware are supporting industry, not the safety and health of Canadians.

After an hour on the highway the ralliers headed to the central plaza where water fountains amidst huge rocks provided a great backdrop and places to display signs and gather while Una St. Clair of CST and 2 key supporters from the local alternative radio station, The Voice of the Shuswap, shared their thoughts on this issue. Both Jerre Paquette and Steve Corrie from the radio station have been deeply involved in spreading the word re the dangers of microwave radiation through interviews in the past.

Everyone was encouraged by Una to become involved, if not already, in joining the the Class Action Lawsuit against BCHydro in their forcing the dangerous microwave smart meter devices on BC citizens and as well to phone, write their own or send a Submission Letter available in our local health food store to Council, planners and our regional district representatives. She also encouraged people to start their own Human Rights Action, other than the already filed action for those with EHS, against BC Hydro if they had a health issue whereby microwave radiation could cause them negative health impacts.

Several of the ralliers hurried off to attend the Kelowna Rally where 91 people enthusiastically attended a presentation of speakers which gave considerable support and understanding to those in the Fortis Area who are slated for the smart meter rollouts scheduled in early July. A recorded video interview with Una St.Clair was shown which brought many important understandings to the group. This interview by Dr. Barbara James and Dr. Ross Anderson from Kelowna will be made available shortly.


Jun 18

StopSmartMetersBC - Walter McGinnis

Victoria Protest Rally June 14, 2014

Jun 18

Get Up-Stand Up For Your Rights - Sharon Noble

Victoria Protest Rally June 14, 2014

Director of the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters speaks at a rally held in front of the Parliament buildings in Victoria BC. Sharon tells the side of the story often not presented to the public reminds everyone the Charter Of Rights and Freedoms confirms our right to live in our home, our refuge, free of invasion. We believe that BC Hydro has infringed upon this right and we must stand up and fit back to preserve a valid democracy.

Jun 5

EMF sufferer in Australia

Dr. McDonald is an Australian scientist and a mathematical modeler

Published on May 20, 2014

Who are those who suffer from hypersensitivity to EMF? In this example, you can see even scientists are suffering, and even for them, life is not easy.

Jun 4

Wireless Devices Linked to Poor Brain Development

The Baby Safe Project presents: The Science of Exposure


"An international group of doctors and scientific experts is joining with non-profit organizations today to urge pregnant women to limit their exposure to wireless radiation from cellphones and other devices by taking simple steps to protect themselves and their unborn children. The national public awareness campaign, called the BabySafe Project, is being coordinated by Grassroots Environmental Education and Environmental Health Trust, and is based on independent scientific research linking exposure to wireless radiation from cellphones during pregnancy to neurological and behavioral problems in offspring that resemble Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. The BabySafe Project is promoting ten simple steps women can take to limit their exposure to wireless radiation: . . .

"A Joint Statement on Pregnancy and Wireless Radiation advocating precaution and research has been endorsed by scientists and medical professionals from around the world. The statement calls for women to be informed about the risks of exposure to wireless radiation, and to take precautionary steps while more research is conducted."

An extensive social media campaign including web videos is being launched using the hashtag #KnowYourExposure.

May 31

Smart Meters, Dirty Electricity and Disease

Featuring: Sam Milham (August, 2011)

"Dirty Electricity" (also called electrical pollution) is caused by an interruption in 60 Hz "clean" alternating current that is delivered to homes and businesses. The major causes of dirty electricity are:

  • Electrical appliances like computers, cordless phones and televisions that operate at a frequency higher than 60 Hz and interrupt clean, 60 Hz current. 
  • Transmitters that interrupt clean electrical current, like Smart Meters.
  • Direct current electrical converters like battery rechargers and solar powered generators that cause interruption.
  • Return currents that travel through the ground. 
This video will address Smart Meter devices that are designed to replace electricity, gas and water meters."

Dr. Sam Milham is a physician and epidemiologist who specializes in occupational medicine and the health effects of electromagnetic fields.  He is the author of the book "Dirty Electricity - Electrification and the Diseases of Mankind."

For more info, please visit www.SamMilham.com.  He has his recent papers posted on his website about studies of the health effects of dirty electricity.

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