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These videos and audio recordings have been sourced from television and online materials. Documentaries, various news items, public events, interviews, demonstrations, editorials . . . all with information about the effects of wireless technologies on individuals, societies and environments.  

Apr 4

Schools crack down on video streaming (York, Ontario)

Global National Video News Report - March 2014

One Ontario school board has decided students have crossed a line with their technology. They're streaming so much video, from sites like Netflix and YouTube, they're using up most of the district's bandwidth. Jennifer Tryon reports.

Mar 31

Dr. Olle Johansson Interview - March 2014

Ms Alicia Ninou - TimeForTruth.es - Entrevista - English / Espanol

Interview with Olle Johansson, Ph.D. and Neuroscientist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Co-author of the Bioinitiative Report and therefore one of the foremost authorities on electromagnetic fields and health effects, with more than 30 years of research behind him.

Mar 17

EMF and DNA - Dr. Martin Blank

Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University Medical School speaks at the "Wireless Safety Summit," held in Washington, D.C.

In this, the first of several upcoming posts from the Center for Wireless Safety's "Wireless Safety Summit," held in Washington, D.C. last year, Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University Medical School talks about the effects of electro-magnetic frequencies from cellphones and other wireless devices like 'smart meters' on DNA and human health.

Released March 11, 2014, Dr. Blank's book entitled
Overpowered: What Science Tells Us about the Dangers of Cell Phones and Other Wi-Fi-Age Devices

Mar 9

Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields - a Neuroscientist's views

TECHNICAL SEMINAR on Environment and Health

Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields - November 2, 2013
Olle Johansson holds a PhD. in the Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (Sweden)

Mar 1

Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live Blood and Electrosmog - Dr. Magda Havas (first posted March, 2010)

Live blood cell analysis, in its simplest form (i.e. examining the size, shape, and clumping of cells) may reveal information about electrohypersensitivity that doctors could use in their clinics, and that scientists could use in addition to questionnaires and other types of testing.

"Live blood cells can reveal important information about your health, so I decided to test my own blood."  Magda Havas. Ph.D. Trent University, Peterborough Ontario

Mar 1

Smart Meters A Little Too Smart? Personal Surveillance

EMF Safety Network - U.S. applicable to Canada and elsewhere (Introduction by Rafe Mair) (Originally posted December 2011)

Introduction by Rafe Mair.

I regard most videos I get with great suspicion . . . many of them have that "Hitler is alive and well living in Argentina" look about them.  

This video which has "Smart Meters" as surveillance devices, frankly, disturbs me greatly and if it is true, even up to a point, we must demand an answer not from BC Hydro - why talk to the monkey when you can talk to the organ grinder?

This and another big question arise - this is a one billion dollar exercise and not only were we not consulted, neither were our MLA's. 

This is taxation - for that's what it is - without representation.  Hitler may not be alive and well in Argentina but I regard this video as a message that must be dealt with.  Oh, Yes . . . 'if you've nothing to hide, why are you against a little surveillance?"

The answer is that I do have something to hide . . . MY PRIVACY!"

Other videos with Jerry Day:
Replacing a Smart Meter with a Safe Analog Meter.mov
We Are EMR Guinea Pigs
Dangers of Smart Utility Meters
Protect Yourself from Digital Utility Meters

Feb 26

Is Your Cell Phone Safe?

Cell Phone Radiation Safety Tips With Dr Sanja Gupta on Anderson Cooper 360

Feb 12

The Dangers of "Willful Blindness"

TEDX - Margaret Heffernan (includes transcript)


" . . . What the research shows is that some people are blind out of fear. They're afraid of retaliation. And some people are blind because they think, well, seeing anything is just futile. Nothing's ever going to change. If we make a protest, if we protest against the Iraq War, nothing changes, so why bother? Better not to see this stuff at all. And the recurrent theme that I encounter all the time is people say, 

"Well, you know, the people who do see, they're whistleblowers, and we all know what happens to them." So there's this profound mythology around whistleblowers which says, first of all, they're all crazy. But what I've found going around the world and talking to whistleblowers is, actually, they're very loyal and quite often very conservative people. They're hugely dedicated to the institutions that they work for, and the reason that they speak up, the reason they insist on seeing, is because they care so much about the institution and want to keep it healthy. . . 

"Willful blindness is a legal concept which means, if there's information that you could know and you should know but you somehow manage not to know, the law deems that you're willfully blind.  You have chosen not to know. . .

"We all enjoy so many freedoms today, hard-won freedoms: the freedom to write and publish without fear of censorship, a freedom that wasn't here the last time I came to Hungary; a freedom to vote, which women in particular had to fight so hard for; the freedom for people of different ethnicities and cultures and sexual orientation to live the way that they want. But freedom doesn't exist if you don't use it, and what whistleblowers do, and what people like Gayla Benefield do is they use the freedom that they have. And what they're very prepared to do is recognize that yes, this is going to be an argument, and yes I'm going to have a lot of rows with my neighbors and my colleagues and my friends, but I'm going to become very good at this conflict. I'm going to take on the naysayers, because they'll make my argument better and stronger. I can collaborate with my opponents to become better at what I do. These are people of immense persistence, incredible patience, and an absolute determination not to be blind and not to be silent. 

"When I went to Libby, Montana, I visited the asbestosis clinic that Gayla Benefield brought into being, a place where at first some of the people who wanted help and needed medical attention went in the back door because they didn't want to acknowledge that she'd been right. I sat in a diner, and I watched as trucks drove up and down the highway, carting away the earth out of gardens and replacing it with fresh, uncontaminated soil. 

"I took my 12-year-old daughter with me, because I really wanted her to meet Gayla. 

"And she said, "Why? What's the big deal?" 

"I said, "She's not a movie star, and she's not a celebrity, and she's not an expert, and Gayla's the first person who'd say she's not a saint. The really important thing about Gayla is she is ordinary. She's like you, and she's like me. She had freedom, and she was ready to use it."

Also Margaret Heffernan: DARE TO DISAGREE

Feb 1

Wi-Fi Health Effects - EMF's in the classroom

Dr. Martin Pall and Merry Callahan - to Portland Public School Board, Study Session, September 16, 2013

Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeretis of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, and Merry Callahan, health advocate, present updated information on the health impacts from EMF radiation. September 2013.

Jan 24

Strong evidence for hazards of RF in brain cancer - David Carpenter MD

"A whole generation may be very much at risk"

Dr. David Carpenter's remarks at the Children's Health Expert Panel, "Cell Phones and WiFi - Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk?", held at the La Grua Center in Stonington, CT in June 2013. ElectromagneticHealth.org and Environmental Health Trust co-sponsored this first U.S. public program on risks to children from radiation-emitting technologies. Dr. Carpenter is the Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at University at Albany/SUNY and former Dean of the School of Public Health. Joining Dr. Carpenter on this panel were Devra Davis, PhD, Martin Blank, PhD, Hugh Taylor, MD and Camilla Rees, MBA. For more information about the biological and health effects of electromagnetic fields please go to ElectromagneticHealth.org 

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