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Wi-Fi (Schools Children and Families) INTRODUCTION to TOPIC

Jul 31

Safe In School

Possible Health Consequences of Wi-Fi on Children

Apr 16

7 dangerous Apps that parents need to know about

A look into the some of the scariest Apps for your kids

"I work in public relations at Cook Children's. It's my job to be on social networking sites, peruse the internet and keep up with the latest Apps offered on smartphones. It's a great job and I love what I do, but over the last couple years, I have learned so much about the dangers of Smart Phone Apps. It's downright scary.

"Technology, especially if you're a little behind the times, can be very deceptive. Your kids may be downloading Apps that you think are innocent and just a simple way for them to keep in contact with their buddies, but unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

"To keep your children safe, it's best that you monitor their phone daily. Look through their apps, texts and pictures. They may feel that you're invading their privacy, but let's be honest... You're paying the phone bill, so you can do whatever you want! So, as you monitor your kid's phone, keep an eye out for these 7 apps you may not be aware of, that in my opinion are very dangerous:

Apr 14

Health risk from wireless technology growing: Study

The report warns against wireless in schools. Schools should provide internet access without WiFi - The Financial Express

" . . . Studies of extremely-low frequency radiation are reported to cause nervous system effects in 90 per cent of the 105 studies available in 2014.

"Genetic effects (damage to DNA) from radiofrequency radiation is reported in 65 per cent (74 of 114 studies); and 83 per cent (49 of 59 studies) of extremely-low frequency studies.

"Mobile wireless devices like phones and tablets are big sources of unnecessary biological stress to the mind and body that can chip away at resilience over time. . . .

Apr 10

Let's Not be Clueless About Wireless (Devra Davis)

Open Letter to President Obama about Wireless Radiation - Posted April 2, 2014

" . . . The notion that the fast-developing brains of children benefit from digital devices flies in the face of what experts in neurodevelopment understand. Your pledge to put wireless in all schools for children from prekindergarten on does not rest on any proof that such technology is safe or that children actually learn better using such technology.

"While our nation excels at many things, our wireless-based Internet connection is inferior to those of a slew of other countries, including Korea, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic -- all of which have invested in "fiber to the home" rather than wireless Internet connections. Wireless routers are costlier and less reliable and can be three to 10 times slower than wired systems that can operate at speeds of up to 1 gigabyte a second. As other technologically savvy nations appreciate, there are also important health risks posed by classrooms full of closely held wireless devices.

"Growing numbers of experts in telecommunications understand that plans to phase out wired phone lines or have energy systems rely on wireless metering are frankly ill-conceived and uneconomic. A parallel interdependent network of wired fiber-optic cables is faster, safer and more secure against criminal or terrorist attacks or wide swings in weather. It is more difficult to hack into or take down a wired network than a wireless one, especially if the latter has not been properly encrypted. Bravo to Google for recently announcing its expansion of wired services in many major cities. . . .

Apr 7

Health Impacts of Radio Frequency Radiation from Smart Meters

Dr. Karl Maret -The green Gazette April/May 2014

The Green Gazette

"Smart meters have been installed on our homes by utilities in many provinces and states in North America as part of a new Automated Metering Infrastructure. Unfortunately, using microwave radiating devices was a poor health choice that could have been avoided if Powerline Communications (PLC) technologies or other dedicated wired or fibre optic cables had been utilized instead. The most common smart meters transmit thousands of short bursts of powerful microwave radiation at frequencies between 902-928 MHz both day and night. In most places they are configured s part of a mesh network transmitting and retransmitting utility usage information not only from your home but also from all of your neighbours' homes. They represent the latest additional wireless microwave radiation source that burdens our population, along with the already ubiquitous exposure from cellphones, cordless phones, and Wi-Fi from wireless routers, computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones that are now so prevalent. Microwave radiation is cumulative. Over long time periods, even low levels of microwave radiation that these devices emit can overwhelm the body's innate repair processes of damaged DNA strand breaks.

  • Research on Biological Effects of Low-level Non-thermal EMF's 
  • Key Mechanisms for the Action of Weak Electromagnetic Fields 
  • Non-Linear Response
This is the Green Gazette's Facebook page.  Please "Like" The Green Gazette!

Apr 4

The Wireless Holocaust

An Open Letter to Rhode Island Parents re Wi-Fi in Schools

"Please, spare us the excuse that Wi-Fi is everywhere, or that there is a federal initiative pushing Wi-Fi in schools as part of Common Core, or that other schools are installing it, or that you can't afford to turn down the grant money. Do you push someone in front of a moving train because an authority figure tells you to, or because they promise you large sums of cash? Or because everyone else is doing it? Really? When the person you shoved in front of the train gets killed, what is your excuse? NEWS FLASH: There are no excuses; you will have committed a crime.

"It's not a secret anymore. Whether it be from cell towers, cell phones, "smart" wireless utility meters, or Wi-Fi, the evidence is stacking up that there is a slow motion holocaust in progress. And one might argue that school and state officials who permit the use of Wi-Fi in schools despite overwhelming evidence of harm are complicit in this possible crime against humanity. History will be the judge of that--and so, perhaps, will a jury of their peers.

"It is time to be outraged about the paradigm of illness and death that has been created for us by corporate entities, one where cancer, brain tumors, and debilitating health problems are the new "normal." This is NOT the paradigm I choose for myself and my children-- is this the world you want to live in? Is this the legacy you wish to leave for your children?

"For those seeking the truth about the dangers of Wi-Fi in schools and wireless technology in general--and who want to do something about it--please attend our free public meeting on the third Thursday of each month, starting April 17 at 6:30 pm at Food for Thought, 577 Kingstown Road in Wakefield, RI. . . .

Apr 4

Schools crack down on video streaming (York, Ontario)

Global National Video News Report - March 2014

One Ontario school board has decided students have crossed a line with their technology. They're streaming so much video, from sites like Netflix and YouTube, they're using up most of the district's bandwidth. Jennifer Tryon reports.

Apr 3

Oh my . . . what's in WiFi?

Second grader patterns science fair project after Danish experiment


"When the school district rolled out the ipads this year, Aiden Fitchett noticed something new; as he did when seated near the wireless projector any time a teacher used one for a presentation: headaches. Bad ones. Bad enough that the 8-year-old second grader would come home crying from the pain. 

"His mom, biologist Rachel Fitchett, made a correlation between Aiden's headaches and the circumstances: wireless fidelity waves or WiFi, which has been associated with causing physical effects in a small percentage of the population. 

"I knew the health risks associated with WiFi and asked the teacher to relocate him and the headaches stopped," Rachel says. 

"While that was great, the situation still puzzled Aiden's inquisitive mind. So when Science Fair time rolled around he knew exactly what he wanted to delve into. 

"I want to know why I get headaches when I'm around wireless devices but not the wires," Aiden says. "We use a laptop at home, and we have a television set, and it's only around wireless that I get the headaches." . . .

Apr 1

Concerns about Wi-Fi's harmful effects are legit

published January 29, 2014 in The Narragansett Times, Wakefield Rhode Island

" . . . The biggest trial lawyers association in the world, the American Association for Justice (AAJ), has been paying attention. They've publicly thrown down the gauntlet to the Wireless industry (http://thefullertoninformer.com/2013/09/) in a complaint to the FCC, acknowledging that wireless radiation health effects are equatable to the same disease latency as that from nuclear radiation exposure. The AAJ has done their homework. And as if the carcinogenic nature of this radiation isn't bad enough, the wireless signal oscillating at 2.45 GHz has also been found to cause heart arrhythmia and tachycardia, as detailed in a study by Magda Havas, PhD. I wonder if this is why defibrillators are now being installed in schools across the country in response to what seems to be an epidemic of sudden cardiac arrests? (http://www.parentheartwatch.org/inthenews.aspx) . . .

Apr 1

  • Canadian Teachers' Federation - over 200,000 teachers across Canada (2013) Recommendations: . . . 
  • Elementary Teacher's Federation of Ontario (EFTO) - over 76,000 teachers (2013): 
  • ETFO's adopted resolutions: . . . 
  • British Columbia Teachers' Federation - 41,000 public school teachers (2013) . . . 
  • Greater Victoria Teachers' Association - 1,500 teachers (2013) . . . 
  • United Teachers of Los Angeles - 40,000 teachers and staff (2013) . . . 
  • The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association - 37,000 teachers (2012) . . . 
  • UK: Voice - The Union for Education Professionals - 20,000 members . . . 
  • UK ATL: Association of Teachers and Lecturers - more than 160,000 members (2009) . . .
  • UK PAT: Professional Association of Teachers - 35,000 members (2007) . . . 
  • Germany GEW: Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (Education and Science Workers' Union) - 260,000 members 2003 and 2006 . . .
  • Members of 5 major unions in France which represented workers of the following large corporations and organizations protested to demand reduction of electromagnetic radiation in their work place (2013) . . . .

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