Expert Reviews of Ancheer Electric Bike Battery: Best Buys in 2022

An Ancheer Electric Bike battery is key to your powerful e-bike rides. You may find many brands on the market for your electric bikes, yet compatibility matters the most for selecting and replacing your e-bike batteries with other new and durable accumulators. Voltage and ampere ratings are fundamentals in choosing a lithium-ion battery for your bikes. It is crucial as voltage and ampere ratings signify reach, durability, and competence. You cannot miss out on these two serious discussions when planning for an Ancheer electric bike battery replacement. 

Let us figure out deep-dive research on the requirements of your Ancheer electric bike for batteries. 

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Detailed Review of Ancheer Electric Bike Battery: Investment Guide

We have assured you of detailed guidance and will do it in a company of affordable sources. In this particular matter, Ancheer batteries are highlights of the screenplay. Move further and upgrade yourself with answered questions related to your e-bikes. So you can possess an intensive source of fun by resisting discomfort in transportation. 

1. ANCHEER Electric Bike Battery 36 V

The 26″” foldable mountain bike electric power bicycle damping with lithium-ion battery 36V gives powerful backup to your e-bikes. Ultra-quality 18650 lithium-ion battery in connection with a powerful BMS Protection panel, ensures the durability of the accumulator. 

Apart from this, a 1000 times cycle of charge and discharge system procures extended rides. Ancheer is suitable for folding bikes, Electric bikes, and Mountain bikes. 26-inches wheel of the accumulator makes provision for folding it for transportation. 

ANCHEER Electric Bike Battery 36 V

The product correlates with an electric bike and demands secure shipments of the item taking about 15-20 days a month.

Find more specific details of the product below.

Product Details

  • Item package Dimensions: ‎55.51 x 29.53 x 10.24 inches
  • Brand Name: Ancheer
  • Bike Type: Folding Bike, Electric Bike, Mountain Bike
  • Wheel Sizes: 26-inches
  • Specialization: Foldable

Reasons to Buy

  • Ancheer electric bike battery replacement
  • Perfect product for the electric bike riders
  • Known company in the battery industry
  • Good rating on e-commerce website
  • Customer satisfaction priority

2. Replaceable lithium battery 36V, 8AH For ANCHEER AM001907

With the 2.6 kg weight, a replaceable lithium battery 36V, 8Ah for Ancheer is crucial for every e-bike rider. There are some precautions for this battery before adding it to your bike or e-bike. Up to 80% charging is compulsory to keep this in stock. 

Replaceable lithium battery 36V, 8AH For ANCHEER AM001907

If you don’t figure out this pattern, you can lose the range of the battery and face discomfort further in your riding time. Another crucial thing to notice is that the user should charge it every 3-months to ensure its durability. 

There should be no harm from heat and fire to the battery and environment if you want the perfect endurance of the item. Always ensure the resistance of direct connectivity of disputable poles. 

Product Details

  • Item Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Product Dimensions: 39X15X15
  • Item Voltage: 36 V
  • Item Capacity: 8AH
  • Cell kind: Mountain Kettle Battey

Reasons to Buy

  • The company gives a customer service subscription.
  • Charger with the battery Ancheer electric bike battery key
  • Durability and lightweight
  • Maintenance of your electric bike battery
  • USA-based manufacturer and brand

3. Replaceable lithium battery 36V, 12.5AH For ANCHEER Upgraded 500W AM001907

Replaceable lithium battery 36V, 12.5AH For ANCHEER Upgraded 500W AM001907

It takes about 5-12 days to process your order from the manufacturer because this is an easily hurt product and stipulates heavy protection in shipping and delivery. This lightweight replaceable lithium-ion battery 36v, 12.5 ah, 500w battery is quick in service with the electric bike of the market. Make sure to follow the company’s instructions while replacing your old battery with this new one. Like all other batteries on the list, this also demands storage protection for long years’ durability. 

Product Details

  • Product Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Item Dimensions: 66X20X15
  • The voltage of the product: 36V
  • Rate capacity: 12.5AH
  • Cell kinds: Mountain kettle battery

Reasons to Buy

  • 1- pack 36V-12.5AH BLACK ANCHEER Battery
  • Customer service from the company
  • Durability after taking care of the product
  • Extends your range up to 50%
  • High customer reviews are plus point

4. Replaceable lithium battery 36V, 8AH For ANCHEER AM004142 Upgraded Version

Replaceable lithium battery 36V, 8AH For ANCHEER AM004142 Upgraded Version

The battery for Ancheer electric bike is on sale in many modifications. This Replaceable lithium Battery 36V, 8AH for Ancheer AM004142 Upgraded version is one of the best among others. The weight is 3.5 kg of the accumulator and easy to carry. Waterproof rating IPX4 and separate charging feature prove the updated version of the item. 

Find more specific details of the Ancheer Electric bike battery below to perform your ride.

Product Details

  • Item Weight: 3.5 KG
  • Product Dimensions: 28X30X10
  • The voltage of the item: 36V
  • Rating Capacity: 8AH
  • Cell feature: Mountain kettle battery

Reasons to Buy

  • Waterproof battery for rainy seasons
  • Separate charging is the prime feature of this version
  • Power cord for quick connectivity with charging board
  • The banana plug and bullet connector are plus points in the product.
  • 1-pack 36V-8AH BLUE ANCHEER Battery 
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Safety Notes with Ancheer Electric Bike Battery

If you are planning to buy a new battery for your e-bikes, you should not avoid some crucial things about your battery. We will see some safety tips while using your battery from Ancheer. 

Let us find the checkpoints below.

  • Always use the charger granted by the manufacturer for charging your battery of electric bikes
  • Never suppose to leave your battery charging for uncounted hours.
  • Take care of the charging timings. Never overcharge it. The new battery takes about 6-8 hours the first time, then can complete its task within 5 hours. 
  • Dangerous materials in the charging place can harm your battery life and create an explosion in the battery too. 
  • It is the general thing with electric items. Never put your electric item on charge in a rigid and confined place. The heat will cause seriousness to the thing or the person.
  • Never try tempering with the battery parts if you are not friendly to them. You may cause damage to the construction of the battery. 

These are some basics to remember before seeking an Ancheer electric bike battery replacement. Do follow them and find the key to a safe and sound ride. 


The article has wrapped up 4 Ancheer Electric Bike Battery for your guidance. Apart from this, it has given you enough safety advice for keeping the safety of the battery. Expert Reviews are all clear before you. Do a thorough study of the details of the above content and start buying your required item from the recognized buyer. Don’t miss any point of the content so you can get what you want, not what is available in the market. 

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