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Jul 21

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Jul 21


updated July 21, 2016


**After the Class Action Hearings in December 2015, 
Madame Justice Elaine Adair, the Provincial Supreme Court Judge assigned to the Lawsuit against B.C. Hydro, has considered her decision as follows:

JUDGEMENT of Madam Justice Adair, July 12, 2016

CBC News Report: Smart meter class action lawsuit against BC Hydro denied

July 21, 2016: CLASS ACTION UPDATE and comments about Judge Adair's decision not to certify the class action 

SUMMARY of Class Action Hearings to date in the
Lawsuit Against BC Hydro December 7 to 11, 2015  

Application for Certification from Class Action Plaintiffs - October 1, 2015


Jul 18

No Where To Go To School

Mandatory Exposure to Microwave Radiation In Our Schools Has Left 11 Year Old With No Where To Go To School

"Tyler is one of many children who is suffering from the mandatory exposure to the wireless technology that has been installed in our schools. Parents are frustrated with having to deal with School Boards who are willfully turning a blind eye to the thousands of peer reviewed studies confirming the health effects from this unregulated technology that has never been tested for safety. Here is a story that needs to be told! . . .

Jul 13

Smart meter class action lawsuit against BC Hydro denied - CBC News

Judge says individual actions better suited to address complaints about controversial program.

"A B.C. Supreme Court judge has rejected a bid by smart meter opponents to certify a class action lawsuit claiming BC Hydro has installed the controversial devices in violation of personal liberty.  

"In a 36-page decision, Justice Elaine Adair found there was no way to test key issues raised in the case: whether exposure to smart meters causes biological effects and human harm; and if deciding not to have one on your dwelling is a "fundamental personal choice".  

"The judge also found a conflict between the groups of people affected by the outcome of the lawsuit, which was driven by the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters and the Citizens for Safe Technology Society.  

"The plaintiffs and those who have supported the CSTS and the coalition believe passionately in their position," Adair wrote.  

"However, for others, that position simply represents the triumph of groundless hysteria over good science and holds the prospect that BC Hydro's remaining customers will have to pay higher rates. Success for one group would result in failure for the others." 

  • Privacy, health and economic concerns .
  • 'End of the plaintiffs' fight?'

Jul 12

Judgment of Madam Justice Adair - Smart Meter Certification Decision

Davis v. British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority in the Supreme Court of British Columbia

Davis v. British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority

1. Introduction
2. Factual background
3. The Certification requirements: overview
4. Does the Proposed NCC disclose a cause of action: s. 4(1)(a)
5. Identifiable class and class description: s. 4(1)(b)
6. Common issues: s. 4(1)(c)
7. Preferable procedure: s. 4(1)(d)
8. Representative plaintiffs and litigation plan: s. 4(1)(e)
9. Summary and disposition

Summary and disposition

"In summary, the certification application is dismissed. Although I have concluded that the Proposed NCC pleads a cause of action based on the liberty interest protected by s. 7 of the Charter, and that the proposed class description could probably be redrafted in an acceptable way, I have concluded that the plaintiffs have failed to meet the requirement under CPA s. 4(1)(c) regarding certifiable common issues. This is fatal to the certification application.

"The plaintiffs' application to amend the notice of civil claim and to add parties as plaintiffs is also dismissed. However, the plaintiffs (if they wish) have leave to apply to amend the notice of civil claim (to a form consistent with these Reasons) and add parties, providing they do so within 60 days of the date of these Reasons."

CBC News
Smart meter class action lawsuit against BC Hydro denied

Jul 11

Letter to the FCC in Opposition to 5G Spectrum Frontiers

Letter to the FCC from Dr. Yael Stein MD of the Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel in Opposition to 5G Spectrum Frontiers Millimeter Wave Technology

" . . . Besides higher risk of cancer, exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the radio/ microwave frequencies has been reported to affect: fertility in males and females, neurological effects on sleep quality, learning abilities and memory due to increased oxidative stress, to cause skin and gastrointestinal reactions, hypersensitivity phenomena (Electrohypersensitivity / EHS), and more . . . 

Topic: G5 millimeter wave technology (Sub Terahertz frequencies/ Sub-THz)

  • Human sweat glands as helical antennas 
  • Implications 
  • Summary of conclusions 
  • Introduction 
  • Health risks 
  • References

Jul 11

No Safe Place

A letter to Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson from Olga Sheean (first posted July 26, 2016)

Olga Sheean has been able to get Orca Air to agree to have cell phones turned off when those who suffer from EHS travel on their airline. This "letter" is actually a comprehensive document that outlines the effect of wireless devices and infrastructure being launched and promoted by Vancouver City Council. The letter/presentation is extremely thorough, and worth reading.

Main themes in this document:

  • Ignored, excluded and incapacitated--citizens forced to flee 
  • Evidence of harmful effects: quick facts 
  • Scientific fact versus political spin and misinformation 
  • Physical effects of EMR 
  • The key symptoms of EHS 
  • Important landmarks on the EMF lifeline 
  • Human rights and human wrongdoings 
  • Questions for you and the government to answer 
  • A taste of what's to come: the real cost of electromagnetic radiation 
  • Scientists call for more protective measures, given increasing evidence of risk from EMFs

Jul 6

WiFi in the Sky, Convenient, Profitable and In-demand - Is It Safe?

Radio-frequency (RF) - Wireless Microwave Radiation Exposure from Mobile Devices and WiFi Connectivity

1. Aviation Alert? 
2. International RF Exposure Safety Standards In Question
3. Questions for the Aviation Industry and Inflight WiFi Providers
4. Scientific, Medical and Pilot Performance Issues
5. Partial Summary of Biological Effects
6. Commercial Pilots From Several Countries
7. Technology and Technical Experts
8. Threats to Security, including GAO Report

A. Cardiac Effects and More Medical Issues, Cardiologist's letter
B. 2008/2012 Letters from group of European Physicians
C. UK Electrical Engineer and other Technical experts
D. Rough Draft of Sample Inflight Symptom Survey
E. References
F. FAA response to our letter concerning satellite transmissions

IN SUMMARY with 8 key points

Jul 6


Catalyst - ABC Australia

The Australian ABC program, Catalyst, televised a program (30 min) on the dangers of microwave radiation. Very good watching. A video that should be shared widely. VIDEO

Could wifi-enabled devices be harmful to our health? You cannot see it or hear it but Wi-Fi blankets our homes, our schools and our cities. Australia's safety agency says there's no evidence of harm, but that's not the same as saying its safe. A growing number of scientists are concerned that the widespread use of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi-enabled devices could be slowly making us sick. In this Catalyst investigation, Dr Maryanne Demasi explores whether our wireless devices could be putting our health at risk.

Maryanne Demasi is presenter/producer on ABC's Catalyst program. This is her response to the outcry regarding her report about Wi-Fi

Sometimes Asking Questions Provides You With Answers That May Be Uncomfortable

Open Letter re ABC Catalyst Wi-Fried Documentary Australia

Science Censorship in Australia: The Retraction of the ABC TV Catalyst "Wi-Fried?"

EMFacts Consultancy
More on Science Media Centre spin on the Catalyst program - this time from the UK branch. 

Jul 2

Brain tumours now the most frequent form of cancer in U.S. adolescents

Ground-­breaking American study - Canadian perspective

  • Sobering statistics 
  • Time for a cancer prevention strategy for young Canadians! 
  • Safer Tech Tips 
Minimize Exposure to Radiation from Wireless Communications

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