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There is a lot of confusion surrounding metal recycling, a lot of people get confused regarding what metals can be recycled at the recycling center near me. However, before clarifying your doubts it’s important to first locate the nearest recycling center may it be private or sponsored by the government that will accept the different kinds of metals. The given below tool will help you in searching for the recycling center near me simply by providing your Pincode in the search box.

Metals are equipped in a wide range in our day to day lives starting from our kitchen going all the way to our means of transportation like buses, trains, and flights. The advantage with the metal is that it can be recycled again and again without degrading its properties and quality. Steel is one of the most recycled metals in the present times followed by aluminum. Almost all the metals that you know of such as iron, brass, copper, gold and silver can be recycled and reused.

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What metals can be recycled?

Metals such as Aluminium, steel, brass, copper,  lead, and all the ferrous metals are recyclables. These metals are found in every corner of your house. Many supermarkets giants such as Walmart have started running an exchange or cashback program for soda, coke, and other food cans to contribute to the efforts of metal recycling.

Below are the sources of the listed recyclables metals:-

  • Steel:- Steel one of the most recycled metal in the U.S is found in your chairs, home appliances, furniture, and other daily use items. Nowadays it is often used for construction purposes as it is lightweight and doesn’t require much maintenance, unlike Iron.
  • ¬†Aluminum:- Aluminum is used for manufacturing cans for different kinds of beverages. Besides, it is also incorporated in your cars, bikes and window slides, frames, and more. Aluminum is a highly recycled metal as it takes only 60 days to reach in your shelf again after being recycled.
  • Copper:- Copper is a valuable metal and pays of good as a scrap metal. It is found in electronic items, wires, and sometimes cookware. So next time scrap off the copper to earn some extra cash, instead of throwing it away in the trash.
  • Brass:- Brass is a combination of copper and zinc and is mostly used to manufacture doorknobs, latches, nut bolts, and fancy faucets. Brass is pricey metal considering the presence of copper which is a valuable metal itself.

What metals can not be recycled?

Most people are well versed with the process of metal recycling but knowing what metals can not be recycled also goes a long way, it helps make the process easier for both the parties. If you are planning to cash on the metals piling up in your bacwyad then knowing what items can not be recycled is also essential as it might contaminate an entire load of metals you want to recycle at the metal recycling center near me. 

Here is a list of few items that can’t be recycled due to the presence of a high amount of toxins in them.

  • Paint cans with any residue of paint in them are not accepted at the recycling center near you, due to the presence of toxic chemicals in them.
  • Oil cans cant be recycled for the same reason as paint cans, the presence of toxic chemicals which is very hazardous for environment. Such waste should be disposed of properly as it might contaminate water bodies
  • An item that contains mercury can not be recycled, for example, tube light, fluorescent lights, bulb, and thermostats. Exposure to mercury has serious health hazards.
  • Many household devices such as smoke detectors, cooks, fluorescent lights consist of radiation-emitting items which are otherwise not a risk to us but can not be recycled. These items are to be discarded properly to prevent any environmental and health risks.

What are the benefits of metal recycling?

  • Metal or not recycling any item that is recyclable helps us preserve natural resources. We have a limited amount of fossil fuels and mining the raw material for manufacturing virgin metal consumes a whole lot of energy. By recycling you get more for less beside it also helps us in protecting the environment and habits of many species.
  • Recycling is highly beneficial for the people who want to save some money, recycling metal costs less money which leads to the cost reduction of the products manufactured from recycled metals.
  • Carbin emission has become a huge problem across the world it is one of the major reasons behind climate change. Recycling metals help in reducing carbon emissions to prevent any further damage to the environment.
  • Recycling metals also protect the environment, air-water land all are protected when more and more metals are recycled. When the metals are not recycled they are sent to the landfills where there is the dispersion of metallic particles which deteriorates the ecosystem.

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