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Dec 16

A Talk about Electrosensitivity - Barrie Trower

The impact on health and wellbeing -Patcham Memorial Hall, Brighton

Published on Dec 11, 2014

Talk by former MI5 agent Dr Barry Trower, a physicist who worked for British intelligence. He explains Electrosensitivity and the dangers of Microwave and Wifi Radiation.

To track progress of video, click on "View Video" below:

Dec 13

The Next Stage of Smart Meter Extortion

Richard Caniell in The Valley Voice

"Immoral and dangerous contradictions plague BC Hydro and the BC government's claims and actions. They are now, in winter, shutting off the electricity of anyone who refuses to pay the exorbitant fee charged to those who refuse a Smart Meter. Even the elderly, poor and sick are left to sit in the frigid dark while BC Hydro executives take home up to $89,000 a month. . .

"Bennett said he expects, once smart-meter opponents are forced to pay the extra fee, that many will drop their objections. 'If you really believe having a smart meter is going to make you sick, maybe you'll pay the [extra fee],' he said. 'I do think there will be lots of people who will say: 'It's not that big a deal, I'll take a smart meter.'"

"In service to this aim, the Liberal government levied on BC residents some of the highest opt-out fees in North America, at $32.50 per month. BC Hydro claims this is required to recover the cost of paying workers to read the old analogue meters. But this was shown to be a ruse when the public learned that 46,000 Smart Meter owners were still having their meters manually read, but not being charged for it; while those who didn't accept Smart Meters were being charged for this same service. . . .

Dec 11

Auditor General finds failures in smart meter program (Ontario)

Video / Excerpts from Auditor General's Report

Bonnie Lysyk [Ontario's Auditor General] says the program has failed to meet targets for reducing peak electricity demand, hasn't changed Ontarians' consumption patterns and hasn't affected hydro bills in a positive way. CityNews reporter Cynthia Mulligan has more on how much more Ontarians have been paying for electricity.

Excerpts from the report, the $$meter section is at http://www.auditor.on.ca/en/reports_en/en14/311en14.pdf pages 362-404.

i) As well, the benefits of Smart Metering in reducing distribution companies' operating costs and reducing electricity bills to ratepayers were so far limited: Of the distri­bution companies we consulted, 95% said they real­ized no savings and their operating costs actually rose, and over half said they received a high volume of ratepayer complaints about "increased bills with no savings."

ii) In 2013, separate studies released by the Ontario Power Authority and the OEB indicated that TOU pricing had a modest impact on residential ratepay­ers, reducing their peak demand by only about 3%, but a limited or unclear effect on small businesses, and none at all on energy conservation.

iii) Those distribution companies that did track complaints found that most ratepayers were upset about TOU pricing, which they believed resulted in higher electricity bills than previously.

iv) The IESO has exclusive authority to develop and operate a provincial data centre in which to process smart-meter data for the province. However, the goal of operating the provincial data centre as a central system to ensure standard and cost-effective data processing has not been met because most dis­tribution companies have used their own systems to process smart-meter data (before transmitting it to, or after receiving it from, the provincial data cen­tre) for billing purposes.

v) There are 73 distribution companies across Ontario, each responsible for procuring, installing and operating smart-meter systems. Each distribution company negotiated with different vendors to procure sys­tems for their regions. As a result of the different costs incurred by distribution companies, we noted that the average cost per meter was about $190, but varied significantly, ranging from $81 per meter at one distribution company to $544 per meter at another.

vi) The installation of about 4.8 million smart meters in Ontario rendered millions of conven­tional analog meters obsolete, making it necessary to retire and dispose of them sooner than planned. The distribution companies we consulted said the analog meters they had to scrap were still in good shape and could have been used for another five to 16 more years.

vii) another additional cost is related to the replacement of smart meters, which will likely further increase the Delivery Charge on electricity bills because smart meters would be subject to earlier and more frequent replacement than analog meters.

The estimated useful life for a typical smart meter is 15 years, compared to 40 years for an analog meter. The dis­tribution companies we consulted said the 15-year estimate is overly optimistic because smart meters:

• are subject to significant technological chan­ges, making it difficult to maintain hardware and software for the first-generation meters, which do not have the advanced functions of newer models;

• have complex features, such as radio com­munications and digital displays, which are subject to higher malfunction and failure rates;

• are similar to other types of information tech­nology, computer equipment and electronic devices in that they are backed by short war­ranty periods and require significant upgrades or more frequent replacements as the technol­ogy matures; and

• will likely be obsolete by the time they are re-verified as required by the federal agency Measurement Canada every six to 10 years

viii) About 4.8 million smart meters have been installed by distribution companies across Ontario, but approximately 812,000 of them, or about one in six, have not transmitted any data to the prov­incial data centre for processing. (Note: 812,000 being manually read)

ix) Smart meters enable the collec­tion of massive amounts of personal electricity-use data, allowing ratepayers and distribution com­panies--as well as anyone else with access to the data--to see exactly what makes up a ratepayer's electricity use. The smart-meter data could reveal when people are out, daily routines and changes in those routines. As a result, electricity-use patterns could be mined, for example, for marketing and advertising purposes.

x) Therefore, there could be security risks at the distribution-company level that the IESO was not aware of and over which it had no control.

xi) The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM), Ontario's principal adviser on fire protec­tion policy and safety issues, indicated that it is aware of fires involving smart meters in Ontario, elsewhere in Canada, and in the United States. However, some distribution companies and fire departments do not report such cases to the OFM, so more information is needed to assess the extent of the problem in Ontario.

xii) From May 2011 to March 2013, for example, the OFM recorded 14 fires involving either meters or the bases on which they were mounted. Based on anecdotal evidence, the OFM identified three possible root causes for the fires:

  • old meter base connections may have been loose or otherwise unfit for a seamless exchange to a new smart meter; 
  • new smart meters may have been improperly installed; or 
  • new smart meters may have had defects that caused electrical failures or misalign­ment with the old meter base 

xiii) In February 2007, and again in Octo­ber 2012, the ESA indicated that it has been aware of potential fire risks in smart meters, and incidents of property damage involv­ing smart meters and/or meter bases. To address these concerns, the ESA surveyed the distribution companies, asking them to provide information on such incidents. However, the ESA indicated that it has not received sufficient information to conclude on the severity of the issue or the types of meters causing problems.

xiv) Insufficient tracking and monitoring of smart meters-related fire incidents has made it difficult to determine the scope and extent of the problem across the province as well as to address the prob­lem accordingly, creating safety risks in Ontario. 

NB this amazing revelation in the last line of the article:

"Nevertheless, the ministry promised not to take on any more $2-billion projects without thinking them through.  "In line with best practice, the Ministry will ensure that the proper analysis is completed ahead of implementing major initiatives," it said in its formal written reply, included in the report.

Reevely: Smart meters failing to political decisions, auditor general finds (with video)
NEWS: Ontarians paying billions extra for electricity, auditor general finds (Canadian Press)

Dec 9

Ho, Ho, No! Why Electronic Gadgets are Not Kids' Toys

Environmental Health Trust and Grassroots Environmental Education

"With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, those clamoring to now stuff their kids' holiday stockings with their low priced electronic gadgets would do well to read the fine print that comes with all these toys, advises Environmental Health Trust (EHT), a group promoting safer phone use. A growing number of experts including the American Academy of Pediatrics, warns that the young brain needs more time on their parent's lap and less time on the phone's app.

"We all need to "#PracticeSafeTech," advises EHT's President, Dr. Devra Davis." What may be appropriate for adults may not be at all suitable for toddlers with their more rapidly growing brains and bodies." Would you give your child the keys to the car or a shot of whiskey just because she really wanted it?

"Thanks to low competitive pricing, what was once out of price point is now affordable. Retailers are going all out to make owning the latest mobile phones affordable with free equipment provided that parents pay long term contracts? After all, mobile phone prices have dropped or in some cases, free - making them easier to gift. "What harm could it do to youngsters to have such a cool, hot gadget--especially if they can use it to learn to read, see movies, or just stay connected with friends via social media? The answer is: plenty," advises Dr. Davis. . . .

Dec 1



This resolution is intended to address the concerns of citizens regarding the escalating growth of wireless radiation in British Columbia. We invite the signatures of medical health professionals and researchers who wish to join with us in bringing attention to the hazards of electromagnetic radiation. 

Hello Fellow Citizens:

As citizens of British Columbia, we have created a British Columbia Resolution on the Proliferation of Electromagnetic Radiation and we are requesting your support. The resolution is at the address below. http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/the-british-columbia-1

The purpose of the resolution is to force our Provincial Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall to take action to implement the precautionary principle...rather than continuing on his current course of willful blindness and denial. It will ultimately be delivered to the British Columbia Provincial Health Office.

We are seeking the signatures of medical and other health professionals as well as all concerned citizens. Beneath the signature panel there is space to add comments... your comments are especially useful to us and welcomed.

We request your consideration towards signing our resolution. If you know of others that may be interested in supporting this initiative, we would appreciate you forwarding this email to them.

Thank you for your time, and good luck in fighting this fight that we must win...at any cost.

Ron Gordon Maple Ridge BC

"When injustice becomes institutionalized, resistance becomes a duty."


Whereas the population of the Province of British Columbia is not currently protected by effective and authoritative guidelines or regulations governing exposure to involuntary or incidental, non-thermal, electromagnetic radiation in their homes and public places, the British Columbia, Canada, organization - Citizens for Safe Technology - in collaboration with the undersigned, hereby passes the following Resolution. 


  1. Guidelines and regulations to protect the population of British Columbia from the effects of all forms, frequencies and intensities of electromagnetic radiation must be immediately instituted. 
  2. The guidelines and regulations mentioned in Article 1 must be based on the findings of independent, non industry-affiliated studies which include, but are not limited to, research into the effects of low-level, non-thermal pulsed radiation; (1) 
  3. The Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia must publicly acknowledge and immediately invoke the Precautionary Principle (2) with regards to the protection of the population of the Province of British Columbia against the known and/or potential harmful acute and chronic effects of exposure to all forms, frequencies and intensities of electromagnetic radiation; and 
  4. Direct and immediate action must be taken to halt the proliferation of, and subsequently reduce, the non-consensual exposure of children and pregnant mothers to electromagnetic radiation in all areas of society, most notably through the removal of wireless internet connections in schools, libraries, and other public places.

Nov 29

"The time is finally here: FortisBC will begin replacing electricity meters in the Kelowna area next week.

"Corporate Communications Advisor David Wylie says they will start installing the smart meters in Joe Rich, Black Mountain and parts of Rutland.

"The first contact would actually be a piece of mail that was sent directly to customers, letting them know a few weeks in advance that we're going to be exchanging their meter at the property," explains Wylie.

"On the day of the exchange, they'll see one of our meter installers from our authorized contractor Corix Utilities. The meter installer will knock on the door to let the customer know we're there and what we're doing."

"Those homes can expect a brief power outage - expected to last a few minutes - while the old meters are replaced with the new, controversial advanced metering systems. . . .

"Following the installment of smart meters in Kelowna, Fortis crews will begin work in the South Okanagan with a projected start date in May 2015. . . .


Nov 16


Registration Notice, instructions and background information (updated)

FOR FortisBC Customers

As yet there is no Class Action Lawsuit in motion in the FortisBC Electric service area.
In the meantime, we encourage FortisBC customers to register their refusal of a smart meter with FortisBC using the following "No-Fee Opt-Out Registration Notice" form.

Smart Meter NO-FEE OPT OUT Registration Notice   FortisBC
FortisBC No Trespassing Sign  
FortisBC confirmation of application

September 18, 2013:  FortisBC Inc Radio-Off AMI Meter Option Application to BCUC  

Nov 16

CLASS ACTION (Lawsuit) PACKAGE (updated November 7, 2014)

Links to Participation Forms, Q and A and other information for anyone opposed to BC Hydro's Smart Meter Program





Questions and Answers relating to Participation Forms

Opt-Out Sign for Analog (Option 1)

Opt-Out Sign for Analog (Option 2) (Class Action Version)


Notice of Application November 7, 2014

* Check out the postings under BCUC/BC Hydro Class Action on this website for ongoing news and updates.  



Mini Class Action Participation Form

Mini Q&A

Nov 15

Societies Act White Paper: Draft Legislation (B.C.)

ALERT - Proposed legislation would silence those with whom the government disagrees . . .

"One of our most important civil liberties is the right to discuss and debate issues of concern within our communities. Silencing those with whom the government disagrees, or allowing others to silence this debate for purposes of their own, is tantamount to limiting our free speech. What is this government so afraid of? In a healthy democracy, debate should be encouraged. Stifling discourse will lead to tyranny, which seems to be the way this government wants to rule. Ruling by fear and through threats does not belong in BC or Canada.

"This is the next logical step in the way the govt. is trying to do business. First, govern by directive so that no opposition can be voiced by the other party. Second, shut down any public opposition by groups exercising their civil rights. 

"This is not a government that can withstand scrutiny, and it wants to make sure it has to answer to no one! 

"Is the opposition going to speak out about this? This should be strongly debated, with significant public input - not hidden as it has been. 

"This White Paper is frightening, and I find this proposal appalling.

Sharon Noble

Huffington Post: "Christy Clark's Proposed Policy Overhaul is Breathtakingly Stupid"

Nov 12

Class Action Lawsuit Update
Human Rights Tribunal Decision Update
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