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Jan 22

Some 5,400 of Ontario's 4.8 million smart meters are being removed and replaced because of a risk they could heat up, cause an electrical short and possibly spark a fire.

"Some 5,400 smart meters in Ontario are being removed and replaced because of a risk they could heat up, causing an electrical short and possibly spark a fire. . . .

" . . . It's the latest snag to hit the controversial $2-billion smart meter program, which auditor general Bonnie Lysyk criticized last month for cost overruns and poor performance. " Lysyk found one in six of the meters, which are designed to promote conservation, had not yet transmitted any readings of electricity use.

"The system was supposed to cost $1 billion, but that has doubled."


Jan 19

Warning Labels for cell phones and Wi-Fi: Bill C-648 to protect Canadians from radiation

Warning Labels for Radio Apparatus Act - Conservative MP Terence Young / C4ST - Ottawa Press Conference (CTV Winnipeg News Video)

Conservative MP Terence Young calls for more effective warning labels on cell phones, Wi-Fi, portable phones, baby monitors, and all wireless devices sold in Canada, in order to protect Canadians and empower them with the information they need to understand potential serious risks to their health from long-term continuous use of these devices, and the greater risk to children. This is the first time a government representative has brought a Bill past a first reading re health warnings and labelling for wireless devices in Canada.  He has multi-party support for this Private Members Bill. 

A new article in The Tyee. Near the end of the article, it includes one Industry response, which seems to be Industry's old-fashioned style of response that insults the intelligence of the public with regard to corporate positioning and strategies. The article ends: "He [MP Young] said there may not be any evidence now, but he is confident that one day it will be shown that cell phones do cause cancer."  

For more details about the Press Conference, Bill C-648, and featured reference materials please click C4ST HERE.

Jan 14

Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults: The consequences

Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure - L. Lloyd Morgan, S. Kesari, Devra Lee Ddavis


  • Children absorb more microwave radiation (MWR) than adults.
  • MWR is a Class 2B (possible) carcinogen
  • The fetus is in greater danger than children from exposure to MWR
  • The legal exposure limits have remained unchanged for decades
  • Cellphone manuals warnings and the 20 cm rule for tablets/laptops violate the "normal operating position" regulation.


Computer simulation using MRI scans of children is the only possible way to determine the microwave radiation (MWR) absorbed in specific tissues in children. Children absorb more MWR than adults because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner and their relative size is smaller. MWR from wireless devices has been declared a possible human carcinogen. Children are at greater risk than adults when exposed to any carcinogen. Because the average latency time between first exposure and diagnosis of a tumor can be decades, tumors induced in children may not be diagnosed until well into adulthood. The fetus is particularly vulnerable to MWR. MWR exposure can result in degeneration of the protective myelin sheath that surrounds brain neurons. MWR-emitting toys are being sold for use by young infants and toddlers. Digital dementia has been reported in school age children. A case study has shown when cellphones are placed in teenage girls' bras multiple primary breast cancer develop beneath where the phones are placed. MWR exposure limits have remained unchanged for 19 years. All manufacturers of smartphones have warnings which describe the minimum distance at which phone must be kept away from users in order to not exceed the present legal limits for exposure to MWR. The exposure limit for laptop computers and tablets is set when devices are tested 20 cm away from the body. Belgium, France, India and other technologically sophisticated governments are passing laws and/or issuing warnings about children's use of wireless devices. . . .

Jan 9

Kamloops family mulls legal action against BC Hydro

conversation between BC Hydro representatives and a customer whose electricity was cut due to non-acceptance of a smart meter


"BC Hydro won't reconnect a Kamloops family that had its power cut off last month unless the utility is allowed to install a smart meter that can have the radio turned off, for which there is a monthly charge.

"When the family called BC Hydro, the Crown corporation said that, because of the disconnection, the utility can now install a smart meter when the power is reconnected.

"The BC Hydro statement to the family contradicts a statement last year by Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett, who is in charge of the utility, when he said the government won't "force people to have a smart meter if they really don't want one. It's not our intention to offend people or bully people."

"Bennett also said in July 2014 that people can opt out of the smart-meter program, but will have to pay the costs of having analog meters read.

"Asked about the discrepency between Bennett's statement and BC Hydro's requirement for the family to accept a smart meter, the ministry's communications spokesman, Jake Jacobs, referred all questions to BC Hydro. . . .

Jan 9

Wall Street's Cell Phone Litigation Problem

Finance and Investment For Good - November 14, 2014

It is confusing about the District of Columbia (Washington DC) Superior Court. Washington DC is not one of the 50 US states. It's the District where the US Federal government resides and it has evolved through the years to become "almost" like one of the 50 states. All 50 states have multiple Superior Courts. In 1970 Washington DC formed its own Superior Court for civil and criminal trials.

When we hear of "court" and "Washington, DC", invariably it is the US Supreme Court which is the court of last resorts and the highest court in the country. Brain tumor lawsuits from all over the country have been, and are being, filed in Washington DC Superior Court, as it is advantageous for attorneys to file in Washington DC because of the District's excellent consumer protection laws. They are more favorable in DC than in most of the 50 states. It is a very unusual legal situation. The CTIA (Wireless Association) is located there, and the CTIA is named in all the lawsuits.


"It is 1987 and Gordon Gekko stands on a windswept beach with a cell phone to his ear. He is talking on the world's first mobile phone - the Motorola DynaTac 8000X. It wasn't cheap back then costing $3,995 - which in today's terms is close to $9,000. Not surprising only the wealthiest could afford these phones, and Wall Street was the epicentre of an industry that became a global phenomenon over the next decades.

"Wall Street execs were the first to use cell phones. They have used them the longest and the most intensively. They were the first to upgrade to more powerful units. It is perhaps not surprising therefore that it is Wall Street firms that are the 'canary in the mine' in terms of litigation around the health impacts of long term cell phone use.  

"The links between brain tumours and cell phones are hotly contested. As telcos fight a growing public relations battle that is flaring through social media, a little known legal case has continued to make its way through US courts.

Jan 5

The Proof You've Been Looking For - Cell, Wi-Fi, Radiation, Health

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Devra Davis, Dr. Magda Havas

In a mere 8 minutes and 30 seconds, three top scientists - cardiologist, epidemiologist, environmental researcher - will tell you why we've been fighting so hard for so long. You can't get a quicker education than this: 

Summary clips of top specialists explaining the hazards of cell phones, Wi-Fi, and damages to health.

Jan 1

"Two major research studies published this year found that brain cancer risk increased with wireless phone use. Several significant policy-related actions regarding wireless radiation also occurred in 2014.  

"French researchers found almost a 3-fold increase in brain cancer with 896 or more hours of lifetime cell phone use. Swedish researchers found a 2-fold increase in brain cancer with 1,486 or more hours of cell phone use and a 3-fold risk with 25 or more years of cell and cordless phone use.

"These studies add to the evidence of increased brain cancer risk found among heavier cell phone users in the 13-nation Interphone study published in 2010. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) relied heavily on the Interphone Study and earlier research by the Swedish researchers to declare radio frequency radiation "possibly carcinogenic to humans" in 2011. A news report on the
Swedish study by Reuters Health stimulated global media coverage--over 260 news articles published in 18 languages in 50 countries-- demonstrating worldwide concern about the carcinogenicity of cell phone radiation.

  • Key developments in the past year 
  • Ten Most Popular Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Press Releases of the Year 
  • Ten Most Popular Articles of the Year on the SaferEMR Website

Jan 1

Mobile Communications: The Cause for the Global Disappearance of the Bees

Handout / Tri-Fold Brochure - The World Foundation for Natural Science

  • The Bees Disappear 
  • Weakening of the Immune System 
  • Disruption of Orientation 
  • Adverse Effects on the Waggle Dance 
  • Stimulation to Emit Piping Noise 
  • If the Bees Disappear, Man Will Disappear as Well 
  • Can we afford an unnatural technology for mobile communications if our own basis of existence is destroyed as a result? 

The Promised Land of the Robobee, Monsanto and DARPA  

Jan 1

CLASS ACTION (Lawsuit) PACKAGE (updated January 1, 2015)

Links to Participation Forms, Q and A and other information for anyone opposed to BC Hydro's Smart Meter Program





Questions and Answers relating to Participation Forms

Opt-Out Sign for Analog (Option 1)

Opt-Out Sign for Analog (Option 2) (Class Action Version)


STATUS of CLASS ACTION, January 1, 2015
Notice of Application November 7, 2014

* Check out the postings under BCUC/BC Hydro Class Action on this website for ongoing news and updates.  



Mini Class Action Participation Form

Mini Q&A

Dec 30

BC Hydro Class Action Update - January 1, 2015

Newsletter December 30, 2014 - In Grateful Admiration to the Memory of Jimmy Gonzalez, 1972 - 2014

Jimmy Gonzales speaking to all of us  

Thank you most sincerely to all who continue to support the class action lawsuit against BC Hydro. Your donations are driving this legal challenge, and we look forward to the court hearing in April, 2015.  We will not give up this fight to regain the sanctity of our own homes.

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