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Jul 31

"A revised estimate of the cost of reversing a SaskPower smart meter program is now pegged at $47 million, according to the provincial Crown corporation. The power utility has been ordered to swap out 105,000 units already installed.

"The revised estimate includes costs associated with the initial installation of the units and the cost of stock on hand for units that were going to be installed. The estimate also accounts for the labour of removing installed smart meters and the cost of purchasing a non-smart meter product. SaskPower did not save old ones as it was rolling out the program.

"The recall of smart meters was ordered Wednesday by the provincial government after a number of unexplained fires associated with the installation of the devices were noted. There were eight incidents as of Monday. Most of the fires involved the new meter although SaskPower noted Thursday that one of the fires took place at a connection point from the meter to the power service.

"The smart meter program began in October, 2013. . . .

Jul 30

"REGINA - SaskPower has announced that they are removing all the smart meters that were installed in the province.

"The minister responsible for SaskPower Bill Boyd said the utility company will be taking out all 105,000 smart meters around Saskatchewan.

"I think the concerns about safety are paramount here, the concerns are significant enough, anytime families are at risk in Saskatchewan, actions have to be taken and that's why we've directed SaskPower accordingly," said Minister Boyd. . . .

Jul 30

[Note: This includes-but is not limited to-radiofrequency radiation-emitting devices, such as cell phones and cordless phones and their base stations, Wi-Fi, broadcast antennas, smart meters and baby monitors.]

We are scientists engaged in the study of electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiofrequency radiation (RFR) health and safety. We have serious concerns regarding Health Canada's Safety Code 6 Guideline. . . .

Also: Declaration: DOCTORS Call for Protection from Radiofrequency Radiation

Jul 20

CLASS ACTION (Lawsuit) PACKAGE (updated June 21)

Updated Links to Participation Forms, Q and A and other information for anyone opposed to BC Hydro's Smart Meter Program

BC Hydro Tactics Update 

for BC Hydro customers who are wondering what is going on with BC Hydro as of May 1, 2014

Opt-Out Sign for Analog in preparation for meter exchange (seal expiry announcement from Hydro) 




Questions and Answers


Response to BC HYDRO's Current BILLING practices


Legal Actions Update April 10, 2014

Dealing with the Deadline and Beyond

Realities to Consider 


RESPONSE to BC Hydro's "Choices" Letters


Still useful for those who have had a smart meter imposed upon them without their consent. 

Opt-out Sign for your ANALOG


* Check out the postings under BCUC/BC Hydro Class Action 
on this website for ongoing news and updates.  



Mini Class Action Participation Form

Mini Q&A 

Jul 17


For the creation of European and International Criminal Court of the Environment and Health

Please consider signing and circulating. This is an important petition, long overdue, aimed at holding corporations, such as BC Hydro, accountable for ruining the health of our environment:  

Considering the inalienable human right to a healthy environment and the risk that the current level of biodiversity loss may be irreversible.  

On January 30th 2014, a coalition of organizations has gathered at the European Parliament to launch the "Charter of Brussels" which officially requests the establishment of a European and an International Criminal Court of the Environment and Health. The Charter calls for the recognition of environmental crimes as crimes against Humanity and Peace by the United Nations.

The Charter suggests a progressive approach in 3 steps:  

  • Supporting a moral tribunal to raise public awareness and enable civil society to judge responsibility for crimes against nature
  • The creation of a European Criminal Court of the Environment and Health  
  • The creation of an International Criminal Court of the Environment and Health  

The Charter is now open for signatures by individuals and organizations and will be handed over to Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General, during the General Assembly of the United Nations in September, as well as to the President of the European Commission, and the President of the European Council.  

Let's join our forces by signing the BRUSSELS CHARTER and show our political leaders that the public demands a Court to ensure environmental justice!

Only together we can make our voices heard.

Join the Alliance for International Justice of the Environment and Health and sign the Charter of Brussels now!

Jul 15


For Hydro customers who are wondering what is going on with BC Hydro as of May 1, 2014

Hydro customers with analogue meters continue to receive letters announcing seal expiry and failed installation fees.  Those of us with analogue meters must still be very cautious and ask for all of the information to which we have a right. . . .

1) BC Hydro is now sending letters to analogue customers stating that analogue meters must be changed over to digital meters due to the expiration of Measurement Canada Seals.  The letter says that this exchange can occur in our absence, and announces that the installer will need free and clear access to the meter during this time. It also states that if he or she cannot access the meter, a $65.00 failed installation fee will be added to our bills.

It is true that meters require re-certification every 10 years or so to ensure accurate readings. A small percentage of meters in a certain batch (installation date) are taken and checked, and if they are okay, the others from that batch are assumed to be okay, too.

In the legal documents submitted by BC Hydro to the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC), it was stated by their lawyer that they still have a number of thousands of new, certified analog meters available. The public doesn't know this as they are told "no more analogs."  This is not true.

The digital, non-RF (radio-off) smart meter still tracks movements, is a security and fire risk, and produces copious amounts of dirty electricity right onto every electrical line in your house. Dirty electricity sickens those who are sensitive and will add to the toxic burden on anyone, sensitive or not, causing gradual breakdown of homeostasis.

Some scientists, such as Dr. Sam Milham and Dr. Magda Havas consider dirty electricity to be as toxic to the body as RF. The non-RF digital smart meter produces dirty electricity via the switch mode power supply - it is the same in the RF smart meter or non-RF (radio-off) smart meter.  http://citizensforsafetechnology.org/New-Critical-Problem-with-Smart-Meters-SMPS,25,2440

There is more information on our website under a search of "Dirty Electricity" www.citizensforsafetechnology.org.

When you are faced with Hydro's latest letter/installation, demand exactly the same analog meter or no exchange. Tell them that you know from their own lawyer's documents filed with the BC Utilities Commission that they have thousands of analogs that are all ready and certified and can be used. Tell them that you want an appointment, date and time, for the installation of the new meter, and if it doesn't look exactly the same as the one you have i.e. analog, then you won't allow the change.

2) BC Hydro is sending installers to homes, unannounced, with a supply of old analogs, with initial dates in the 1970s and 1980s. People are being told that there is a work order to install this re-calibrated analog. No explanation is given for this change. When people question the purpose or say that they would like to think about it, installers have said they will call back and if the re-calibrated meter is refused, there will be a $65 failed installation charge. Installers have also said there is a new batch of re-calibrated meters arriving next week.

There is reason to be cautious. Unless the analog on the home has expired, there is no reason for a "swap", and certainly no justification for a failed installation charge authorized only when a smart meter installation has been refused.

You have a right to know when your analog expires. If your meter is relatively new (within 10-15 years of age) contact Measurements Canada, Kent Hogarth, Kent.Hogarth@ic.gc.ca with the make (brand) and number of your analog. Both of these are on the front of the meter. He will be able to tell you the expiry date. But if your meter has been on your home for longer than that, only BC Hydro has the records. Ask for the records showing the certification history of your meter.

Before agreeing to a "new" re-certified analog, ask for the make and model number and for the certification date. In California some meters that looked like analog actually were equipped with transmitters. Based on Hydro's history of dishonesty we must be suspicious. Your old analog could have an expiry date of 2-3 years from now, and Hydro could be attempting to replace it with a smart meter or an analog with a shorter period before it can be taken.

If possible, video every visit, ask for and make a note of names, and demand that all information, threats, etc. be put into writing. 

Please pass the word. As we receive more specific information, we will share it with you at www.citizensforsafetechnology.org  (under Communities/Governments - Smart Meters and/or BC Hydro Class Action/BCUC)

Sharon Noble          Coalition Director director@stopsmartmetersbc.ca

Una St. Clair           CST Executive Director una@citizensforsafetechnology.org

Jul 14

BC Health Authority misleading the public, hiding behind an outdated guideline.

Letter to Governments - Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in B.C.

We need to put pressure on our provincial health authorities to help protect us and our families from the RF proliferation and to stop misleading us by saying that everything is fine.

 " . . . This is outrageous. The public is being lulled into believing that the wireless gadgets they love and that they give their toddlers are safe. This is wrong - both in fact and morally.

"It is time for the provincial government to take responsibility for stopping this exposure. It has the duty to protect our health and it has the right to establish exposure limits that are precautionary.

"I ask our elected officials to review this information and join together to demand that correct information be given to the public. Demand that our health authorities do their jobs, tell the truth, and stop misleading the public.

"For additional reference please consider a letter signed 52 world renowned experts, asking for Health Canada to finally acknowledge the evidence that many other countries have based their guidelines on: http://c4st.org/images/documents/hc-resolutions/scientific-declaration-to-health-canada-english.pdf

Sharon Noble

Jul 11

Wireless radiation exposure code fails to protect Canadians

CTV interview with Frank Clegg (July 9, 2014)

. . . "Our very strong message is that this safety code fails to protect Canadians from their own cellphones," Frank Clegg, CEO of C4ST, told an Ottawa news conference.

"It fails to protect children from all-day WiFi in schools, it fails to protect anyone from a cell tower or a smart meter that may be located across the street or outside the window of their home or office building." Safety Code 6 was first developed before the Internet existed, Clegg said."

CTV INTERVIEW with Frank Clegg

Jul 9

Health Canada gets an F - C4ST

C4ST Press Conference: Frank Clegg, Dr. David Carpenter: Wireless radiation exposure code (Safety Code 6) fails to protect Canadians

Frank Clegg, CEO of C4ST, speaks to reporters at a news conference about wireless radiation exposure.

"Health Canada's proposed update to its safety code for wireless radiation exposure ignores current research and "fails to protect Canadians from their own cellphones," say experts.

"A group of Canadian physicians has written to Health Canada about Safety Code 6, the microwave radiation safety guidelines policy. The federal government has invited public comment on its proposed changes, and the doctors, along with a non-profit group called Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST), say they fail to factor in dozens of studies that demonstrate the harmful effects of exposure to everyday technology: cellphones, baby monitors, and even cars and refrigerators.

"Our very strong message is that this safety code fails to protect Canadians from their own cellphones," Frank Clegg, CEO of C4ST, told an Ottawa news conference.

"It fails to protect children from all-day WiFi in schools, it fails to protect anyone from a cell tower or a smart meter that may be located across the street or outside the window of their home or office building."

"Safety Code 6 was first developed before the Internet existed, Clegg said. "It is outdated and it failed to keep up with the times," he said. "More importantly, it has failed to keep up with the established science."

"For its update, Health Canada has ignored more than 130 studies that demonstrate that wireless devices can cause harm even at very low levels, Clegg said. These include links between radiation exposure and cancer, genetic damage, infertility, developmental impairment and cardiovascular health.

"Health Canada gets an 'F' for effort on this update to Safety Code 6," Clegg said.

"More than 20 physicians [52 physicians and scientists] have put their names on the declaration to Health Canada that makes three requests. . . 

'Health Canada gets an F'
Canada 'a generation behind'
Guidelines updated in other countries

Jul 9

Declaration: Doctors call for Protection from Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure

letter signed by renowned scientists and physicians urging Health Canada to stop denying that evidence exists that shows harm.

Also Declaration: SCIENTISTS call for Protection from Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure

Canada's Safety Code 6 Guideline is fundamentally flawed.

Health Canada's Safety Code 6 is based on an obsolete account and analysis of RFR research and has disregarded or minimized certain recent studies, such as cancer, DNA damage, protein synthesis, stress response, and detrimental biological and health effects in humans that occur at RFR intensities below the existing Code 6 Guideline. . . .

Our urgent call for public health protection.

The public's health and the health of the environment are threatened by ever-evolving RF emitting technologies, without due consideration for what the potential cumulative impacts on biological systems are likely to be in the future.  

We urgently call upon Health Canada . . .

i) to intervene in what we view as an emerging public health crisis;

ii) to establish guidelines based on the best available scientific data including studies on cancer and DNA damage, stress response, cognitive and neurological disorders, impaired reproduction, developmental effects, learning and behavioural problems among children and youth, and the broad range of symptoms classified as EHS; and

iii) To advise Canadians to limit their exposure and especially the exposure of children. . . .

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