This website is designed to help you by providing useful information about a wide range of topics related to wireless technology and its impacts.  Our volunteer base is limited, so every effort has been taken to make the format user friendly in order to lessen the number of calls for help.  Please familiarize yourself with the contents by using the menu bar at the top of each page.

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The five "Action Kits" (Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Cell Phones, EHS and Health) located at the top of every page on the website provide pro-active avenues and strategies for action.  

Questions from parents regarding Wi-Fi in schools, contact:


Teacher updates re Wi-Fi in schools or information about BCTF policies not found on the website:

    Vicki -
    Maria -

Class Action Lawsuit questions:

    Una St. Clair-Moniz at

Smart Meter billing questions and problems: 

    Ted at  

Class Action Lawsuit registrations or other smart meter questions:

    Residential - Norm at
    Commercial - Jessica at 

EMF/EMR and Cell Antenna/Tower questions: 


Proactive Solutions for your living environment:

For insights or assistance in shielding your family and home from RF radiation from devices such as smart meters, Wi-Fi, mobile and cordless phones, cell tower signals, and dirty electricity in townhome or condo (shared walls) 

    B.C. Lower Mainland:  Farren Lander (Healthy Homes Environmental)  
    Okanagan Valley: Dr. Ross Anderson (Unplugged Health Solutions)  

    Central Okanagan: Ted Archibald -  

For specific questions or clarifications regarding this website, or for guidance related to postings:


Thank-you for learning, sharing and helping if you can.  In supporting our efforts, you will ultimately be helping to protect not only yourself, but your family and your community, and the world we live in.

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