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EHS: Symptoms and Support

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is also more accurately referred to as electromagnetic intolerance syndrome. 
Like chemical sensitivity, it is an environmentally-caused intolerance and disability that needs to be more fully understood and recognized.


Apr 12

EHS research and review are polluted by the bad science

From the Science Blog on Mobile Phone Radiation and Health by Dariuz Leszczynski

"Recent publication of the Canadian report on Safety Code 6 (RF-EMF and health) brought again to limelight the problem of electromagnetic hypersensitivity - EHS.  

"Yet again, scientists and lay audiences were fed with the standard mantra in the Canadian report: "The symptoms are real, but what causes them is a mystery". The same mantra is propagated by WHO, ICNIRP and numerous expert committees.

"I have the feeling that this mantra was introduced to the EMF research area few years ago for the sole purpose to "get the EHS people off our backs". Designers of this mantra assumed that by showing compassion for the suffering of EHS people they will alleviate tensions that exist between EHS sufferers and decision-makers.

"They were mistaken. The mantra did not alleviate tensions and EHS sufferers more and more forcefully demand solution to their problem. Simple admission that their symptoms and suffering are real is not enough. What is needed is both, precautionary approach and a serious research effort to find out what and how causes EHS.

"Unfortunately the arena of EHS research is polluted with bad science. Badly designed studies waste money and produce bad conclusions. This status quo is perpetuated and new funding is granted for new badly designed studies. Are scientists gone mad? Don't they understand what they are doing?

"One of the problems with EHS research is its domination by psychologists and psychiatrists. This leads to generation of research studies that by design are unable to detect EHS. Using methods of psychology or psychiatry will not answer whether biochemically physiology of our body is affected by the exposure to EMF. . .

Apr 6

Science of the Total Environment

Stephen Genuis and Christopher Lipp (2011)


As the prevalence of wireless telecommunication escalates throughout the world, health professionals are faced with the challenge of patients who report symptoms they claim are connected with exposure to some frequencies of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Some scientists and clinicians acknowledge the phenomenon of hypersensitivity to EMR resulting from common exposures such as wireless systems and electrical devices in the home or workplace; others suggest that electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is psychosomatic or fictitious. Various organizations including the World Health Organization as well as some nation states are carefully exploring this clinical phenomenon in order to better explain the rising prevalence of non-specific, multi-system, often debilitating symptoms associated with non-ionizing EMR exposure. As well as an assortment of physiological complaints, patients diagnosed with EHS also report profound social and personal challenges, impairing their ability to function normally in society.

This paper offers a review of the sparse literature on this perplexing condition and a discussion of the controversy surrounding the legitimacy of the EHS diagnosis. Recommendations are provided to assist health professionals in caring for individuals complaining of EHS.

Apr 5

Electrosensitivity - Informational Leaflet from UK

This ES-UK handout provides information about Electrosensitivity

  • What are the symptoms of ES? 
  • Who develops ES? 
  • What can you do about ES at work? 
  • What can you do about ES at home? 
  • What about people who do not understand ES? 
  • What about ES children and schools with Wi-Fi 
  • What about diagnosing ES? 
  • Are cordless and mobile phones, phone masts, powerlines, smart meters, low energy lighting and Wi-Fi safe? 
  • Why doesn't the UK government do something about ES? 
  • How is ES treated outside the UK? 
  • Where does ES-UK come in? 

ES-UK is a charity independent of government and commercial interests. Our trustees have experienced the problems of living with ES or have supported ES people for many years.  www.es-uk.info

Apr 5

Electrical Sensitivity - Illness and Recovery

by Diane Craig - includes CHART and LINKS

Diane Craig is currently recovering from symptoms described as "an autoimmune response partly triggered by manmade EMFs." She was asked by her doctor to prepare some information about electro-hypersensitivity. She wrote this and her doctor has been sharing it with his patients.

As the level of microwave radiation increases in our everyday environment more people are going to begin to suffer sensitivity. It is crucial that information be given to our doctors as well as to friends.

This handout is for information only and is not medical advice. For medical advice, please contact your doctor. Future developments may supercede information included on this handout.

Apr 3

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) - A Personal Case Study

A briefing on EHS for Health Professionals, Research Scientists, Government Officials and concerned members of the Public - November 27, 2013

I felt compelled to write this personal case study because through my own personal experiences I have found that there is a serious lack of understanding of what Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), also commonly referred to as Electrosensitivity (ES), is and its cause. For some people, EHS can be completely disabling and in some extreme situations, can lead to hospitalisation due to aggravation of pre-existing medical condition(s), development of tachyarrhythmias, which at times can result in a loss of consciousness, and other acute effects on the neurological system.

"The main problem being faced by people who are suffering from EHS is that they are left in a tenuous position where there is a complete absence of government support. EHS is declared to be "not a medical diagnosis" [1] by the WHO and so sufferer's symptoms are ignored and often misdiagnosed by the medical profession. This then can lead to the prescription of unnecessary and ineffective medication. Only Sweden recognises EHS as a functional impairment while the Austrian Medical Association has provided guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of EMF related illnesses [2]

"My hope in writing this case study is to dispel misconceptions some members of the scientific community, government bodies and the general public have on this functional impairment. I also hope that by detailing my own personal experience with EHS that I can help those who may be suffering similar symptoms recognise the cause and help them understand how they can manage their condition, and to some degree, protect themselves. . . 

Mar 31

Dr. Olle Johansson Interview - March 2014

Ms Alicia Ninou - TimeForTruth.es - Entrevista - English / Espanol

Interview with Olle Johansson, Ph.D. and Neuroscientist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Co-author of the Bioinitiative Report and therefore one of the foremost authorities on electromagnetic fields and health effects, with more than 30 years of research behind him.

Mar 16

Rhode Island Wireless Awareness - Meetings

Third Thursday of every month at Food for Thought, 577 Kingstown Rd., Wakefield, RI

This is an informational meeting, held monthly, for RI residents who are concerned about the unregulated proliferation of wireless technology, specifically the use of Wi-Fi in schools, the roll out of "smart" wireless utility meters in Rhode Island, and cell towers in residential neighborhoods.

There will be a discussion about wireless radiation and health effects, how to protect your family, current legislation, and what's happening in other states.

Beginning April 17, we will meet the third Thursday of every month. The public is invited.

We will meet at Food for Thought, 
577 Kingstown Road,
Wakefield, Rhode Island 

For more information please call (401) 284-4530.

Mar 10

Emergency ID Card for Electrosensitives

for electrohypersensitive persons to carry with them in case of emergency.

Please note: Many electro-sensitives also suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities


Mar 9

Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields - a Neuroscientist's views

TECHNICAL SEMINAR on Environment and Health

Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields - November 2, 2013
Olle Johansson holds a PhD. in the Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (Sweden)

Feb 5

EHS fight back (Israel)

Blog dedicated to issues concerning Electromagnetic Intolerance/Hypersensitivity (EHS)

This Blog is dedicated to issues concerning Electromagnetic Intolerance/Hypersensitivity (EHS), a condition caused by the uncontrolled wireless/cellular radiation (RF/Microwave) and suffered by 3-8% of the population. Our existence is denied, our human rights assaulted and we are becoming refugees because our existence is inconvenient. The industry, governments and paid 'scientists' try to falsely deny its existence despite the fact it has been proven in thousands of research papers . . .

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