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SCIENCE and RESEARCH: INTRODUCTION to TOPIC   Studies and articles relating to human biology and low level microwave radiofrequency fields

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Jul 1

Doctor's Information Package

Addressed to Medical Professionals. Useful to all. Updated July, 2016

The following package is for those who wish to approach their doctors with information regarding the possible health risks from non-thermal microwave radiation.  It contains links organized into specific health effect categories.  These links can be printed out according to personal areas of need or concern, and used to start a dialogue with doctors who may not as yet have associated certain health conditions with EMF or RF exposure.  

The introductory letter on pages 1 and 2 contains a link to the entire list, and may be useful to your doctor as a reference tool. 

"Dear Medical Professional:

"Your patient has asked us for support in providing you with information regarding the possible health risks from non-thermal microwave radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, recently reclassified by the WHO/IARC as a Class 2B, possible human carcinogen.

"This WHO risk category also includes lead, DDT, chloroform, and dioxane, and is relevant to all wireless devices emitting radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, including cordless phones, cell phones, IPads, Wi-Fi routers, wireless games, baby monitors, and smart meters . . .

"Many doctors have already given medical advice to their patients by way of a medical letter or note on a prescription form stating that the patient should avoid, for medical reasons, living in a residence or residential complex at which a wireless meter is operating in order to maintain their health or avoid aggravating a medical condition. This medical advice stating the health condition and advising the patient that they should avoid ongoing exposure to wireless radiofrequency and smart meter emissions will allow your patient to participate in the Human Rights Action currently underway. We are hopeful that the individual's right to protect their health as advised by their medical doctor will be upheld by the Human Rights Tribunal, and this forced exposure within their own home to undesirable microwave radiofrequency emissions will be replaced with reasonable and respectful accommodation by BC Hydro . . . "

Information categories contained in this package: 

  1. Microwave Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation - General 
  2. Smart Meters
  3. Interference with medical devices / Smart Meter Risk
  4. Children
  5. EHS/ES - Electrosensitivity
  6. Diabetes
  7. Heart
  8. Tinnitus / Microwave Hearing / Dental Effects
  9. Sleep and Insomnia
  10. Infertility / Sperm Damage
  11. Cell Towers - Applicable to constant low-level exposures
  12. Cell Phones
  13. Published Articles
  14. BEES - This section included due to potential impacts on human health from loss of bees and pollination
  15. Lawsuits, Scientific Statements and Letters
  16. Cancer
  17. Brain Function / Epilepsy / Alzheimer's / ALS
Also available:

Open Letter to GP and Other Medical Colleagues  January, 2012
Guidelines for Doctors
AAEM calls for Caution (American Academy of Environmental Medicine)

Apr 16

An Exponential Melanoma Trend Model

Orjan Hallberg - Sweden

Hallberg Independent Research, Brattforsgatan 3, 123 50 Farsta, Sweden

 "Abstract: The present study investigated whether whole population exposure to radiation introduced by radio broadcasting and cell phone systems might explain recent increases in melanoma trends in Nordic countries or not. Trends were modeled using a single exponential function of the time each age group has been living in the new environment since an environmental change took place. The results clearly show that melanoma incidences started to increase exponentially by the time lived as an adult since 1955 and that a second trend break occurred in 1997. We searched best fit between calculated and reported age-standardized rates by parameter variation, and compared calculated with reported age-specific rates without further parameter adjustments. Local variations of breast cancer, lung cancer and all cancers together significantly correlated with corresponding local melanoma rates in Sweden. Increasing cancer trends since around 1997 seem related to a population covering environmental change effective from early 90's. We conclude that this exponential trend model can be a useful tool in understanding responses to sudden environmental changes. . . .

 " . . . The main conclusion from this model study is that there is a risk that we will encounter fast and expensive increases in the incidences of several types of cancers. Further detailed studies on causative factors behind these alarming trends are needed. If the model projections are correct, we have to face that the population today has already accumulated cell damage that will develop into cancer in the next 10 years. The study indicates, however, that there is a possibility that increasing cancer rates can be reverted and that hospital costs and lives can be saved if relevant actions are taken. . . .

Apr 16

The Potential Impact of Mobile Phone Use on Trends in Brain and CNS Tumors

Orjan Hallberg and Lloyd Morgan - Journal of Neurology and Neurophysiology

" . . . Results: DNA brain cell damage has an average latency time of over 30 years before increased brain cancer rates would be expected. Mobile phone use may lead to a reduced DNA repair function resulting in about a 2-fold increase in brain cancer incidence, or with an increasing rate of initial DNA brain damage from mobile phone use a 25-fold increase in brain cancer incidence may result. . .

Mar 18

Cell Tower Studies

78 Studies Showing Health Effects from Cell Tower Radio Frequency Radiation

  • Cancer
  • Neurological Effects
  • Effects on Reproductive Organs and Fertility Effects
  • Effects on Wellbeing
  • Effects on Sleep
  • Effects on Cells 
  • Effects on Eyes
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Effects on Blood
  • Death
  • Effects on Hormones
  • Genetic Effects
  • Effects on Glands
  • Effects on Animals and Environment
  • Effects on Skin
  • Effects on Protein
  • Effects on Immune Function
  • Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity
  • RF Levels in Cities 
  • Effects on Water
  • RF Levels From Cell Towers
  • Danger Perception and Symptoms
  • Reason Why Not A Lot of Studies on Cell Towers
  • Miscellaneous Effects

Mar 18

Cell Phone Studies

Over 700 Studies Showing Health Effects from Cell Phone Radio Frequency Radiation

  • Cancer 
  • DNA Damage 
  • Effects on Pregnancy and the Fetus 
  • Fertility and Reproductive Harm 
  • Neurological Effects 
  • Effects on Brain 
  • Central Nervous System Effects 
  • Hearing Effects 
  • Effect on Eyes 
  • Children Health Effects 
  • Oxidative Stress 
  • Cell Function Impairment 
  • Effects on Hormones
  • Effects on the Heart
  • Effects on Glucose Tolerance
  • Effects on the Whole Body
  • Survival Effects
  • Medical Implants and Devices Effects
  • Cell Phone Addiction
  • Synergistic Effects With Other Agents
  • Inflammation
  • Effects on Behaviour
  • Electro-Magnetic Hypersensitivity
  • Effects on Blood
  • Effects on Wellbeing
  • Effects on Glands
  • Effects on Sleep
  • Effects on Skin
  • Allergies Effect
  • Effects to Critical Organs
  • Mercury Release in Dental Amalgams
  • Effects on Other Living Things
  • Miscellaneous Effects
  • Driving Impairment Using a Cell Phone
  • Overlooked Effects in Science

Mar 17

Microwave Radiation Exposure in RG2 Glioblastoma Cells

Journal of Nanomaterials & Molecular Nanotechnology Cytotoxicity of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with/ without Microwave Radiation Exposure in RG2 Glioblastoma Cells - Gaza University, Turkey

"Glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive brain tumor in humans. Gliomas compose 80% of all malignant brain tumors and are characterized by fast progression and invasive character. In the present study, we investigated cytotoxic effects of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles with/without MW radiation exposure on glioblastoma cells. . . .

"The results of this study showed that RG2 cells showed cytotoxicity to Fe3O4 nanoparticles at higher concentrations. The decrease in cell viability of Fe3O4 treated cells was dose dependent. In the mean time, combined application of MW radiation and Fe3O4 treatment had synergic effect on RG2 cell toxicity and ROS production. This synergic effect was marked in higher concentrations of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles. . . .

Mar 12

Tinnitus and cell phones

the role of electromagnetic radio frequency radiation (Brazil)


 " . . . This study collected evidence for the association between exposure to EMRFR and tinnitus in some patients, particularly those suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. While it is not fully confirmed, the authors consider it appropriate to direct more attention to cell phone use in the diagnostic investigation of patients with hearing disorders, especially tinnitus. . .

Mar 1

RFR induces oxidative stress on heart, lung, testis and liver tissue

Effects of 900 MHz pulse-modulated radiofrequency radiation - Gazi University, Turkey, 2011

" . . . The results of our study are evident that pulse-modulated RF emissions may act as an environmental stressor and cause oxidative and nitrogenic damage in lung, liver, testis and heart tissues. Oxidative stress is known to underlie many human diseases including atherosclerosis, heart failure, myocardial infarction, chronic liver and lung diseases, infertility, etc. Our results suggested that mobile phone use should be limited. . . .

Mar 1

Pulse modulated 900 MHz radiation induces hypothyroidism and apoptosis in thyroid cells

A light, electron microscopy and immunohistochemical study - Gazi University, Turkey (2010)


"The usage of mobile phones has been substantially increasing and there is a considerable concern about possible health hazards of mobile phone radiation. Some studies actually showed a higher brain cancer risk in people who had used mobile phones for more than ten years (Hardell et al. 2008). The results of the INTERPHONE study suggested a possible relation between mobile phone use (at high exposure levels) and risk of glioma. The risk for glioma tended to be greater in the temporal lobe than in other lobes of the brain. . . .

"Results of this study indicated that whole body exposure to modulated RFR similar to that emitted by GSM mobile phones caused pathological changes in the thyroid gland by altering gland morphology and inducing apoptotic pathways. Morphological analysis of the thyroid gland demonstrated a high prevalence of cell hypothyrophy altered by the modulated RFR. Immunohistochemical results of this study indicated that the modulated RFR activated caspase-9 and caspase-3 enzymes whose proteolytic activities are the key factor in apoptotic execution. Activated forms of them are markers of cells undergoing apoptosis. Our results suggest an association between mobile phone use and development of HT. . . .

Mar 1

Please read and share this handy compilation of recent technology news related to children's health and wellbeing. Also, read online at http://www.nacst.org/2015-nacst-newsletters.html (where you can also access NACST's prior newsletters, and you can also email subscribe there, all at no cost). The main website is very informative, easy to navigate, and is updated often www.nacst.org. This report takes an in depth look at the history of the Schools and Libraries Program (also known as E-rate) and the National Education Technology Funding Corporation (NETFC).

If you long to understand why no one is listening to your concerns about Wi-Fi in schools, this report will help shed light on the reasons why. Please read the Introduction and Key Highlights. Save the rest for later if you cannot read all 211 pages now! We sincerely hope this report will help our collective cause. Stay tuned, as there will be more installments to follow.

Links in this newsletter are organized as follows:

  • Wi-Fi in Schools 
  • Cell Towers and Schools 
  • Medical / Scientific Advocacy 
  • Scientific Research 
  • Legal 
  • Legislation 
  • Articles

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