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EMAIL address for Greg Reimer, BC HYDRO:  greg.reimer@bchydro.com

Jul 27

Dr. Olle Johansson's letter to the Arizona Department of Health

Re: Health concerns of wireless devices such as smart meters

Dr. Olle Johansson wrote a letter to the Arizona Department of Health re. dangers of RF from wireless devices such as smart meters. Please share this with your elected officials.

Jul 22

Fixed income residents at a West End apartment building are being forced to cough up money to pay for BC Hydro smart meters. John Daly tells us why.

This Global News Video features Interviews with tenants and landlord, as well as MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert (Vancouver West End), Parveen Khtaria (Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre), and BC Hydro spokesperson Greg Alexis

MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert's OPEN LETTER to Jessica McDonald, new CEO and President of BC Hydro

Jul 20

CLASS ACTION (Lawsuit) PACKAGE (updated June 21)

Updated Links to Participation Forms, Q and A and other information for anyone opposed to BC Hydro's Smart Meter Program

BC Hydro Tactics Update 

for BC Hydro customers who are wondering what is going on with BC Hydro as of May 1, 2014

Opt-Out Sign for Analog in preparation for meter exchange (seal expiry announcement from Hydro) 




Questions and Answers


Response to BC HYDRO's Current BILLING practices


Legal Actions Update April 10, 2014

Dealing with the Deadline and Beyond

Realities to Consider 


RESPONSE to BC Hydro's "Choices" Letters


Still useful for those who have had a smart meter imposed upon them without their consent. 

Opt-out Sign for your ANALOG


* Check out the postings under BCUC/BC Hydro Class Action 
on this website for ongoing news and updates.  



Mini Class Action Participation Form

Mini Q&A 

Jul 15

No Fee Opt Out Registration Notice for BC Hydro (updated)

updated to include digital meter exchange request

This is useful especially for those who have had a smart meter imposed on them without their permission. Without it, BC Hydro will continue to claim that they have "implied consent." Best to "DOWLOAD" for use.

Instructions if needed


registration notice



Sent by regular mail to:

Attention: Mr. Gary Murphy, Chief Project Officer

BC Hydro Smart Metering Program

6911 Southpoint Drive, Burnaby BC, V3N 4X8

Sent by e-mail to:


Date: __________________________            Account No: _______________

Account Holder: ________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

I am the holder of the above-referenced account for the stated address. This Notice to BC Hydro is my Registration for a NO-FEE SMART METER OPT-OUT with regards to my account.

__ I choose the NO-FEE OPT OUT for legitimate reasons and will retain the analogue meter.

__ I choose the NO-FEE OPT OUT for legitimate reasons and require the Smart Meter/digital meter placed on my home without my express informed consent to be replaced by an analogue.

__ I choose the NO-FEE OPT OUT for legitimate reasons and despite my initial acceptance, I now require it to be removed and replaced with an analogue meter. 

My Legitimate Reasons include but are not limited to (note with XX):


___Health  ___Fire Risk  ___Privacy  ___Security  ___Safety  ___Cost  ___Environment

The following methods were used by Corix/ BC Hydro  to install a smart meter on my home without my informed consent: _________________________________________________________________




I demand that my account be updated to accurately represent my legitimate right for a no-fee smart meter opt-out.

Thank you.            

Typed / Electronic Signature______________________________________

Jul 15


For Hydro customers who are wondering what is going on with BC Hydro as of May 1, 2014

Hydro customers with analogue meters continue to receive letters announcing seal expiry and failed installation fees.  Those of us with analogue meters must still be very cautious and ask for all of the information to which we have a right. . . .

1) BC Hydro is now sending letters to analogue customers stating that analogue meters must be changed over to digital meters due to the expiration of Measurement Canada Seals.  The letter says that this exchange can occur in our absence, and announces that the installer will need free and clear access to the meter during this time. It also states that if he or she cannot access the meter, a $65.00 failed installation fee will be added to our bills.

It is true that meters require re-certification every 10 years or so to ensure accurate readings. A small percentage of meters in a certain batch (installation date) are taken and checked, and if they are okay, the others from that batch are assumed to be okay, too.

In the legal documents submitted by BC Hydro to the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC), it was stated by their lawyer that they still have a number of thousands of new, certified analog meters available. The public doesn't know this as they are told "no more analogs."  This is not true.

The digital, non-RF (radio-off) smart meter still tracks movements, is a security and fire risk, and produces copious amounts of dirty electricity right onto every electrical line in your house. Dirty electricity sickens those who are sensitive and will add to the toxic burden on anyone, sensitive or not, causing gradual breakdown of homeostasis.

Some scientists, such as Dr. Sam Milham and Dr. Magda Havas consider dirty electricity to be as toxic to the body as RF. The non-RF digital smart meter produces dirty electricity via the switch mode power supply - it is the same in the RF smart meter or non-RF (radio-off) smart meter.  http://citizensforsafetechnology.org/New-Critical-Problem-with-Smart-Meters-SMPS,25,2440

There is more information on our website under a search of "Dirty Electricity" www.citizensforsafetechnology.org.

When you are faced with Hydro's latest letter/installation, demand exactly the same analog meter or no exchange. Tell them that you know from their own lawyer's documents filed with the BC Utilities Commission that they have thousands of analogs that are all ready and certified and can be used. Tell them that you want an appointment, date and time, for the installation of the new meter, and if it doesn't look exactly the same as the one you have i.e. analog, then you won't allow the change.

2) BC Hydro is sending installers to homes, unannounced, with a supply of old analogs, with initial dates in the 1970s and 1980s. People are being told that there is a work order to install this re-calibrated analog. No explanation is given for this change. When people question the purpose or say that they would like to think about it, installers have said they will call back and if the re-calibrated meter is refused, there will be a $65 failed installation charge. Installers have also said there is a new batch of re-calibrated meters arriving next week.

There is reason to be cautious. Unless the analog on the home has expired, there is no reason for a "swap", and certainly no justification for a failed installation charge authorized only when a smart meter installation has been refused.

You have a right to know when your analog expires. If your meter is relatively new (within 10-15 years of age) contact Measurements Canada, Kent Hogarth, Kent.Hogarth@ic.gc.ca with the make (brand) and number of your analog. Both of these are on the front of the meter. He will be able to tell you the expiry date. But if your meter has been on your home for longer than that, only BC Hydro has the records. Ask for the records showing the certification history of your meter.

Before agreeing to a "new" re-certified analog, ask for the make and model number and for the certification date. In California some meters that looked like analog actually were equipped with transmitters. Based on Hydro's history of dishonesty we must be suspicious. Your old analog could have an expiry date of 2-3 years from now, and Hydro could be attempting to replace it with a smart meter or an analog with a shorter period before it can be taken.

If possible, video every visit, ask for and make a note of names, and demand that all information, threats, etc. be put into writing. 

Please pass the word. As we receive more specific information, we will share it with you at www.citizensforsafetechnology.org  (under Communities/Governments - Smart Meters and/or BC Hydro Class Action/BCUC)

Sharon Noble          Coalition Director director@stopsmartmetersbc.ca

Una St. Clair           CST Executive Director una@citizensforsafetechnology.org

Jul 14

BC Health Authority misleading the public, hiding behind an outdated guideline.

Letter to Governments - Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in B.C.

We need to put pressure on our provincial health authorities to help protect us and our families from the RF proliferation and to stop misleading us by saying that everything is fine.

 " . . . This is outrageous. The public is being lulled into believing that the wireless gadgets they love and that they give their toddlers are safe. This is wrong - both in fact and morally.

"It is time for the provincial government to take responsibility for stopping this exposure. It has the duty to protect our health and it has the right to establish exposure limits that are precautionary.

"I ask our elected officials to review this information and join together to demand that correct information be given to the public. Demand that our health authorities do their jobs, tell the truth, and stop misleading the public.

"For additional reference please consider a letter signed 52 world renowned experts, asking for Health Canada to finally acknowledge the evidence that many other countries have based their guidelines on: http://c4st.org/images/documents/hc-resolutions/scientific-declaration-to-health-canada-english.pdf

Sharon Noble

Jul 2

Our city stopped Neptune smart water meters two years ago, one of the first cities in the country to do so. We did all the normal things (packed city council meetings, emails and phone calls to council members, online blog, large public meetings, online petition, paper petition, cost analysis showing they cost more, etc.). But the two real keys were:

1. Scientifically developing a technically workable alternative system (in our case fiber optic), and

2. Keeping careful track of everything the Muni government did (remarks made, etc.), then 'respectfully' making the mayor and council look bad in the print media by use of that information. They care about getting elected and their public image more than city issues. It is vital to understand this.

So, focus on going after their image, but without going too far. It is very vital to do so in a way that is not too overtly hostile or intense. If you go too far with opposition TONE and LANGUAGE, it creates the opposite effect, the public will sympathize with the politicians being attacked instead of with you. Some significant 'edge' is necessary, you have to go after them, but don't go too far with emotion. Let the facts speak for themselves. You don't have to convince everyone, just a sufficient percentage. . . .

Jun 22

Bylaw enforcement looms for new automated water meters

Under the City of Toronto Municipal Code it is mandatory for every home and business in Toronto to install a new automated water meter.

Intimidation and extortion in Ontario re water meters.  Because people did not fight the electric smart meters, the water company is feeling bolder about these things.  Sadly, many people have their water meters inside their homes, often in the basement. This means the meters will have to send out stronger signals to get through the cement walls to reach either the meter reader of the collector transmitter.

"TORONTO - Toronto homeowners and businesses who have yet to install or upgrade to the city's new automated water meters could face stiff penalties as the bylaw enforcement deadline looms.  

"The city began the process of changing the water meters in 2010 and the plan was to complete the installation across all wards in six years.  

So far, ward 6, 10, 13, 14, 16-24, 26-34, and 36 have been "considered complete."  

"Anyone in those wards who have not had their water meters replaced by July 1 may face fines of up to $50,000.

"In addition, customers with an existing meter will be charged a manual meter reading fee of $80 per reading and flat rate water customers will be charged a Legacy fee of $1,020 per year.  

"The new water meter, which the city installs for free, will collect and transmit data remotely, therefore eliminating the need for staff to enter people's homes.

"The program is mandatory and it takes 30 to 90 minutes for the installation process."

Jun 21

Democracy and How We Can Apply It - John Ranns

StopSmartMetersBC - Victoria Protest Rally June 14, 2014 - includes checklist when dealing with politicians

LETTER from John Ranns re Smart Meters in BC.

Use John Rann's checklist to interact with your MLA.  

Jun 21

When filling in the front of the envelope, check either "MLA ___" or "MP___" depending on who you wish to respond. Remember to include your return address, and a personal comment if you wish.  

Premier Clark's and Mr Bennett's addresses are listed under Return Address FYI, but they are the least likely to respond or receive this report card.  Best to send it your local MLA.

MLA contact information is listed HERE for both BC's Lower Mainland and, in the "MLA Finder" for all other MLA's in BC. 

This is a 2-sided document. Insert first side, and test direction, making sure side two comes out upside down.  

With a stamp, after folding and securing at the centre of the lower edge with one small piece of tape or sticker, this card will be ready for mailing.  

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