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EMAIL address for Greg Reimer, BC HYDRO:  greg.reimer@bchydro.com

Mar 1

Global Smart Meters Roll-Out And Serfdom Of Humanity

SMART METERS AND WOLVES' SHEEP PEN - By Mario Dufour and Esse Nemo

Mario Dufour is a Canadian documentary filmmaker based in Uruguay. He worked in Canada, Honduras, Haïti, Cambodia and in Nunavik in 90's and 2000's. Occasionally, he writes articles or editorials published in alternative monthly magazine Le Couac.

PART ONE: Global Smart Meters Roll-Out And Serfdom of Humanity

PART TWO: Smart Meters, The Meshed Network

Feb 17

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION re BC Hydro Meter Related Fires

Bc Hydro's response to request for records - June 2014 (includes list of 26 incidents)

" . . . Please note that although the incidents listed in the attached table do record electrical incidents which occurred during, or relatively soon after, the installation of a smart meter, none of the incidents included in the table have been 'attributed' to the presence of a smart meter, or to the installation of a smart meter as distinct fro any other type of meter. . . .

" . . . BC Hydro does not track the occurrence of power surges in relation to the presence, or absence, of smart meters and so has no records to provide in that regard. . . .

Feb 16

CLASS ACTION (Lawsuit) PACKAGE (updated February 16, 2015)

Links to Participation Forms, Q and A and other information for anyone opposed to BC Hydro's Smart Meter Program



Status of Class Action, January 1, 2015
Notice of Application, November 7, 2014

* Check out the postings under BCUC/BC Hydro Class Action / BCUC on this website for ongoing news and updates. 




Questions and Answers relating to Participation Forms

Opt-Out Sign for Analog (Option 1)

Opt-out Sign for Analog (Option 2- Class Action Version)



Mini Class Action Participation Form

Mini Q&A


Feb 15

Power versus privacy: The debate over smart grid technology (CBS)

In neighborhoods across the country, battle lines have been drawn.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 9, 2015)  In Indiana, a news broadcast about privacy, invasion of it, and the "grid".

Feb 14

Utility commissioner's "smart" meter corruption, negligence, jail-time? (California)

Utility commissioner's private emails reveal conspiracy - Take Back Your Power

Evidence has now been made public of illegal actions and collusion between former California Public Utilities Commission president Michael Peevey and utility PG&E, as criminal investigations continue.  

FAT CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG: Evidence has now been made public of illegal actions and collusion between former California Public Utilities Commission president Michael Peevey and utility PG&E, as criminal investigations continue.

As part of a federal and state investigation into what appears to be systemic corruption involving former senior executives at PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission, 65,000 emails have been publicly released, revealing collusion and conspiracy.

Former commission president Michael Peevey and former PG&E Vice President Brian Cherry are wishing investigators would have been kept in the dark. The pair privately discussed problems with so-called "smart" meters, violating their own rules of procedure while admitting to health harm and overbilling problems - which several thousand Californians had been warning about since 2010. Details continue to surface, as press and researchers continue to delve into the mountain of collusion.

It is perhaps justly ironic that we now see, made public, the private email correspondence of those who have teamed up to deploy technology which, according to a 2012 US Congressional Research report, facilitates unprecedented in-home surveillance. Here are some highlights from their correspondence: 

SEE ALSO: Kauilapele's Blog

Feb 11


ElectroSensitivity UK (ES-UK) 2012

  • What ill health may I suffer from wireless Smart Meters? 
  • What ill health have other people suffered from wireless Smart Meters? 
  • How can I protect myself and others from wireless Smart Meters? 
  • What radiation do wireless Smart Meters emit? 
  • Why are "non-thermal" and "heating" limits so different? 
  • Do people with Electro-sensitivity have any human rights as regards wireless Smart Meters? 
  • Where can I find out more about Electro-sensitivity and wireless Smart Meters?

Feb 11

Maryland Smart Meter Awareness (MSMA) Website

education and advocacy to protect public health

Feb 8

Digital Electronic "Internet of Things" (IoT)

Digital Electronic "Internet of Things" (IoT) and "Smart Grid Technologies" to Fully Eviscerate Privacy

Global Research
Centre for Research on Globalization

 " . . . The IoT refers to all digital electronic and RFID-chipped devices wirelessly connected to the internet. The number of such items has increased dramatically since the early 2000s. In 2003 an estimated 500 million gadgets were connected, or about one for every twelve people on earth. By 2015 the number has grown 50 fold to an estimated 25 billion, or 3.5 units per person. By 2020 the IoT is expected to double the number of physical items it encompasses to 50 billion, or roughly 7 per individual.

"The IoT is developing in tandem with the "Smart Grid," comprised of tens of millions of wireless transceivers (a combination cellular transmitter and receiver) more commonly known as "smart meters." Unlike conventional wireless routers, smart meters are regarded as such because they are equipped to capture, store, and transmit an abundance of data on home energy usage with a degree of precision scarcely imagined by utility customers. On the contrary, energy consumers are typically appeased with persuasive promotional materials from their power company explaining how smart meter technology allows patrons to better monitor and control their energy usage. . . .

"Perhaps the greatest irony is how the Internet of Things, the Smart Grid and their attendant "Smart Home" are sold under the guise of convenience, personal autonomy, even knowledge production and wisdom.

"The more data that is created," Cisco gushes, "the more knowledge and wisdom people can obtain. IoT dramatically increases the amount of data available for us to process. This, coupled with the Internet's ability to communicate this data, will enable people to advance even further."

 "In light of the grave privacy and health-related concerns posed by this techno tsunami, the members of a sane society might seriously ask themselves exactly where they are advancing, or being compelled to advance to."

Feb 6

Subject; BC Hydro / Fortis BC Objective; To make aware that low income families, growing families, old age pensioners cannot afford these huge increases and to stop the hikes from continuing. To have the new smart meters removed & or investigated for errors, and last but not least, to have the policy changed on BC hydro not being responsible for damages / fires done to homes from malfunctioning smart meters.

The residents of British Columbia are struggling right now. The new "smart meters" were supposed to help us, but so far, it has caused nothing but problems. Some had left BC for the holidays and used ZERO energy, but BC Hydro's smart meters can be viewed online, and said some were using energy when they were not even home. We have Enough power to send to California where they pay less, meanwhile we are losing our shirts. There are no other options available in BC, They are the primary suppliers for power & they have us trapped. They are not responsible for any damages to properties. There have already been homes that have been damaged Via fire to defective Smart meters. This is a human rights issue. Not just a financial one, and this petition will be submitted to every Ombudsman, MP, and Federal Government, possible. PLEASE SIGN AND HELP!

The main focus here is to show goverment officials and the corporation that this really hurts young, growing, families. Senior citizens that are on fixed incomes and to show these parties that even though we are doing everything we can to conserve energy, we are still paying an overzealous amount. Not to mention, these parties will not fix the dam in Jordan River that is extremely old. They would rather try to get rid of the residents out of their dwelling... When you sign this petition you are opening a lot of doors. Dont forget the election is comming up! This may just work to our advantage!!!

Feb 6

Hydro-Quebec rocked by resignations amid smart-meter flap

The $1-billion smart-meter file has sparked boycotts and petitions over the safety of the devices and Hydro-Quebec's pushy installation measures.

"MONTREAL -- Two Hydro-Quebec executives in charge of the contentious smart-meter program quietly resigned last week along with CEO Thierry Vandal, QMI Agency has learned.

"The $1-billion smart-meter file has sparked boycotts and petitions over the safety of the devices and Hydro-Quebec's pushy installation measures. . .

"Vandal, the president and CEO, quit after 10 years on the job. His resignation takes effect May 1.

"An industry insider said the sudden loss of the three top managers was a shock.
"It's as if Hydro-Quebec has been decapitated," he said.

"The utility is Canada's largest in terms of revenues and capacity.

"Aside from its Quebec monopoly, the utility powers up parts of Ontario, New Brunswick, Labrador and New England. . .

 "Some clients, and even some entire towns, are refusing to let Hydro-Quebec install the smart meters on their property."

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