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"Wi-Fi" stands for "Wireless Fidelity" and enables the transmission of data over wireless networks.


Apr 18

Rogers rolls out more powerful 700 MHz wireless spectrum in 3 cities

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto: Company paid $3.3B for spectrum in federal auction earlier this year

Vancouver: north to Pender, south to Howe; east to Beach and west to Broughton; parts of Barclay to Georgia; Denman to Lost Lagoon.

Calgary: 10th Avenue S.W. to Prince's Island Park and 11th Street S.W. to First Street S.W.

Toronto: west to Yonge east to the DVP; north to Rosedale Valley Rd. (just north of Bloor) and south to Carlton.

"The company will be rolling out the spectrum gradually on its high-speed LTE network across the country, in both urban and rural areas. . . . 

"The federal government earned $5.27 billion from the auction of 97 licences for the coveted 700-megahertz spectrum, which was previously used for over-the-air analog TV signals . . . .

Apr 14

Scientists Speak Out

C4ST - RSC Conflicted Review of Safety Code 6 Released

Two Scientists Break Silence on "Major Flaws" in Royal Society's Recent Report on Safety of Cell Phones and Towers, Smart Meters and Wi-Fi -

C4ST - CNW - April 14, 2014:

OTTAWA, April 14, 2014 /CNW/ - Two peer reviewers involved in this month's Royal Society report on wireless safety say the results cannot be trusted, because the Panel ignored evidence that wireless radiation is harmful to humans.


The scientific reviewers also said key panelists were in conflict of interest as they regularly accept funding from wireless and energy companies.


One of the reviewers, Dr. Martin Blank, holds two PhD's and has published more than 200 papers at Columbia University on the health effects of wireless radiation. The other reviewer, Dr. Anthony Miller MD, is Professor Emeritus at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.


Both say the Royal Society panel ignored scientific evidence published over the past five years. As peer reviewers, they noted some panelists were conflicted and others lacked sufficient expertise.


"The Royal Society panel has failed in its obligation to the public," said Dr. Miller. "It ignored recent evidence that wireless radiation is a probable carcinogen." 


Dr. Miller said he is most concerned about involuntary exposure, such as children exposed to Wi-Fi in schools.


Dr. Blank said the Royal Society dismissed definitive studies that prove wireless radiation causes harm to human cells, including sperm cells when men carry phones in their pockets.


"We don't need further study to lower safety limits," said Dr. Blank.  "There is already enough evidence to recommend lower limits for wireless radiation in Canada."


The Royal Society's panel has been mired in controversy. Last summer, the original Chair resigned after a conflict of interest was exposed in the media. The Royal Society promised to publish the remaining scientists' conflicts in its final report, but did not.


SOURCE Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST)


For further information: Background: www.C4ST.org/break-silence, Interviews: media@c4st.org, PH: 705-444-9662

From: "Canadians For Safe Technology" <info@c4st.org>
Monday, April 14, 2014 6:29:28 AM
Subject: RSC Peer Reviewers Break Their Silence

Apr 14

Frank Clegg (C4ST) re Health Canada and Safety Code 6

Interview on Newstalk 1290 CJBK - London Ontario, April 12, 2014

Following the publication of the RSC Review of Health Canada's Safety Code 6, Frank Clegg speaks to Andy Oudman and Pam Killeen on Newstalk 1290 and explains why he's unhappy with the "rubber stamp" that the RSC has given, and what is next . . . .


Apr 12

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  • The Russians Knew About This A Long Time Ago 
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  • Cell Phone Towers Will Affect Animals 
  • Our Communities Can't Stop Cell Phone Tower Construction 
  • Firefighters Vote to Suspend Cell Tower Construction on Fire Sites 
  • Find Out How Many Towers and Antennas Are Near Your Home
  • Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on Children are Worse Than Adults
  • Radiation Penetrates the Head of Children 
  • Heavy Absorption of Cell Phone Radiation into the Head 
  • Disney and Sprint Market Cell Phones to Children 
  • Our Children Will Be Affected Most 
  • Legal Action Against Cell Phone Companies 
  • The Cell Phone Industry Has No Insurance 
  • Verizon's New Contracts 
  • Cell Phone Industry is in a Predicament 
  • The Government's Position 
  • Lessons from History 
  • Guidelines for Protection and Prevention 
  • Minimize Exposure to Reduce Risks 
  • References

Apr 12

Mobile phone related epidemiological studies

EMF-PORTAL Hypersensitivity/well-being/subjective complaints

Click on the headline of a column to sort the specific parameter in chronologic or alphabetical order.  Click on a particular author to view the full summary.

Look at the table of EHS studies in this EMF Portal database.  It shows what the difficulty is in finding what causes EHS.  Some of the studies listed in the table are cohort studies. Their reliability is questionable because of the lack of control populations. Everywhere we all are exposed to wireless communication-emitted radiation. Since we do not know what might be the level of exposure that triggers EHS symptoms it is not possible to determine who can serve as control cohort. Furthermore, besides a diverse number of EMF sources in our environment, there is an even more diverse number of other environmental stressors that lead to serious bias in evaluation of the results. . . .

Apr 10

Let's Not be Clueless About Wireless (Devra Davis)

Open Letter to President Obama about Wireless Radiation - Posted April 2, 2014

" . . . The notion that the fast-developing brains of children benefit from digital devices flies in the face of what experts in neurodevelopment understand. Your pledge to put wireless in all schools for children from prekindergarten on does not rest on any proof that such technology is safe or that children actually learn better using such technology.

"While our nation excels at many things, our wireless-based Internet connection is inferior to those of a slew of other countries, including Korea, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic -- all of which have invested in "fiber to the home" rather than wireless Internet connections. Wireless routers are costlier and less reliable and can be three to 10 times slower than wired systems that can operate at speeds of up to 1 gigabyte a second. As other technologically savvy nations appreciate, there are also important health risks posed by classrooms full of closely held wireless devices.

"Growing numbers of experts in telecommunications understand that plans to phase out wired phone lines or have energy systems rely on wireless metering are frankly ill-conceived and uneconomic. A parallel interdependent network of wired fiber-optic cables is faster, safer and more secure against criminal or terrorist attacks or wide swings in weather. It is more difficult to hack into or take down a wired network than a wireless one, especially if the latter has not been properly encrypted. Bravo to Google for recently announcing its expansion of wired services in many major cities. . . .

Apr 7

Mobile Phone Study Covered Up

Ecologist - April 2007

"A study which directly linked the radiation from mobile phone transmitter masts with an increased risk of developing cancer was covered up by operator T-Mobile, a scientist has claimed.

"The Ecolog Institute, a German research organisation which has been examining the effects of mobile phones since 1992, was commissioned by T-Mobile in 2000 to investigate the possible health risks of mobile phone masts.

"Dr Peter Neitzke, one of the authors of the eventual report, said that when T-Mobile realised that the research was going to produce potentially damaging results, the company immediately commissioned three other studies which were more likely to show no danger from electromagnetic radiation.

"Neitzke's study was available only in Germany until it was leaked to the Human Ecological Social Economic Project (HESE) earlier this month.

"The Ecolog study concluded: 'Given the results of the present epidemiological studies, it can be concluded that electromagnetic fields with frequencies in the mobile telecommunications range do play a role in the development of cancer. This is particularly notable for tumours of the central nervous system.'

"T-Mobile told the Daily Mail: 'It was the aim of T-Mobile to engage four different institutes with the same questions to guarantee an independent and objective discussion. All the institutes and people involved are well known and respected experts.'


"Conclusions from Ecolog Institut in Germany about radiation exposures from cell phones and base stations. The complete study so far is available only in German.

"Cellular telephones and health ECOLOG-study by order of the German T-Mobil refers to health risks

"The ECOLOG-Institute, Hannover, has analysed and evaluated the present scientific level of knowledge on possible health effects of the electromagnetic fields emitted by cellular telephones and their base stations under the criterion of precautionary health protection. The results and recommendations of the comprehensive study carried out by order of the German T-Mobil, in which physicists, medical scientists, and biologists took part, are present now.


"There are a number of scientific findings from investigations on sub-populations with an elevated exposition to high frequency electromagnetic fields and from animal experiments that have to be taken seriously. These findings point on a cancer-promoting effect of high frequency electromagnetic fields used by cellular telephone technology. Experiments on cell cultures yielded clear evidence for geno-toxic effects of these fields, like DNA breaks and damage to chromosomes, so that even a cancer-initiating effect cannot be excluded any longer. The findings that high frequency electromagnetic fields influence cell transformation, cell promotion and cell communication also point on a carcinogenic potential of the fields used for cellular telephony. Moreover disturbances of other cellular processes, like the synthesis of proteins and the control of cell functions by enzymes, have been demonstrated.

"In numerous experiments on humans as on animals influences on the central nervous system were proven, which reach from neuro-chemical effects to modifications of the brain potentials and impairments of certain brain functions. The latter effects for instance have been demonstrated by animal experiments and e.g. showed up as deficits in the ability to learn simple tasks when exposed to the fields. From experiments with volunteers, who were exposed to the fields of mobile telephones, there is clear evidence for influences on certain cognitive functions. Possible risks for the brain also arise from an increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier to potentially harmful substances, observed in several experiments on animals exposed to mobile telephone fields.

"The scientist at the ECOLOG-Institute also found some evidence for disturbances of the hormone and the immune system. High frequency electromagnetic fields cause stress reactions, showing up in an increased production of stress hormones in experimental animals and they lead to a reduction of the concentration of the hormone melatonin in the blood of exposed animals. The latter finding is important, because melatonin has a central control function for the hormone system and the diurnal biological rhythms and it is able to retard the development of certain tumours.

Dr. Peter Neitzke, co-ordinator of the working group at ECOLOG-institute:

"Our work focused on effects of the high frequency electromagnetic fields of cellular telephones on humans and animals, which occur at so small intensities that a thermal effect can be excluded. We critically checked the corresponding studies with respect to the applied methodology, completeness of the documentation, and strength of evidence of the results. During these checks it turned out that about 80 per cent of the papers published in scientific journals do not contribute anything to the evaluation of possible health risks due to the electromagnetic fields emitted by cellular telephones and their base stations. The remainder however, on which our assessment relies, is made so good and is in itself so consistent that we must take the findings referring to health risks seriously. In order to improve the protection of the public against the possibly harmful effects of the electromagnetic fields from cellular telephones and their base stations, we need much lower precautionary standards in Germany, as they already exist in some European neighbouring countries. The experiences from these countries show that precautionary health protection and the use of the cellular telephone technology are compatible."


"The German safety standards for the frequencies used by cellular telephone systems range from 2 to 9 W/m2. These values only limit the warming up of the body due to the thermal effect of high frequency electromagnetic fields to a tolerable degree. From the point of view of the authors they are not suitable to exclude health risks for the public as pointed out in their study. They are therefore not compatible with the principles of precautionary health protection. The ECOLOG-institute recommends not to exceed a precautionary standard of 0,01 W/m2 when siting cellular telephone base stations in the proximity of dwellings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and similarly sensitive uses. ECOLOG recommends also that the cellular telephone operators keep this standard on their own immediately and that they not wait for the ratification of the revised version of the federal immission control law.

"Keeping the standard recommended for the neighbourhood of cellular telephone base stations is not possible with the direct use of mobile telephones at the present state of the art, but in the opinion of the scientists at the ECOLOG-institute a reduction to max. 0.5 W/m2 should be urgently aimed at. They see a special problem in the use of mobile telephones by children and young people, since their organism is still developing and thus particularly sensitive. On the other hand meanwhile many adolescents are regular users of mobile telephones. ECOLOG recommends to stop at least advertising in this sub-population. Additionally special efforts should be undertaken in order to reduce the electromagnetic exposition when telephoning by technical modifications at the telephones. Also by the use of head sets or guarding pockets the intensity reaching the head can be reduced.

For further information contact:
Dr. Hans-Peter Neitzke
ECOLOG-Institute for social-ecological research
Bnieschlagstr. 26
D 30449 Hannover
Tel/Fax 49-511-92456-46/-48
Email emailbox@ecolog-institut.de Internet www.ecolog-institut.de

Apr 5

"The cell phone industry and its proponents are trying to dismiss the IARC's extremely significant rating of radio-frequency radiation as a Group 2B carcinogen. One of the methods they are using is calculated omission. An example of their use of calculated omission is citation of items that are typically considered innocuous but are also classified as Group 2B carcinogens. One of the items they like to mention is pickles. What they aren't telling us are the specifics of why pickles -- specifically traditional Asian pickles -- have been categorized in Group 2B.

"Included below is an extract from the IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans, Volume 56 (1993), Summary of Data Reported and Evaluation pages 4-6, PICKLED VEGETABLES.

"From it we can see that it is certain chemicals commonly found in these types of pickles that are implicated in warranting the Group 2B classification. At the end of the summary is a list of synonyms for the chemicals in question. Even a brief search on the Internet using these synonyms can indicate reasons for concern. References for the IARC summary are also included at the end of this message.

"Next time the industry attempts this kind of misdirection, the full facts can set the record straight. . . .

Included in the IARC 2B classification is COFFEE.  The same strategy of "calculated omission" is used by the wireless industry, media and naysayers to dismiss concerns about RF radiation as "Class 2B - Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans".

Apr 1

A group in Italy is suing the Italian Health officials for not educating the Italian public about the steps they can talk to make using a cell phone safer.

"Turin, March 20 - An association has taken legal action against the Italian health ministry for not doing enough to inform the public about the health risks of using mobile phones, it emerged Thursday. The Association for the Prevention and Fight Against Electrosmog filed a petition with the Lazio administrative tribunal on the basis of International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) findings that 1,640 hours of cell phone use - the average over a 10-year period - increases the risk of developing brain cancer by 40%.

"The aim of the legal action is not to demonise cellphones, but rather to promote their correct use by forcing the ministry to launch a serious information campaign, lawyers acting for the association explained. The move is supported by Innocente Marcolini, a former company manager, who in 2012 won a Supreme Court battle to receive workers' compensation after developing a brain tumour due to prolonged cell phone use over a number of years. It was the first time that a high court in any country had ruled in favor of a link between mobile phone radiation and cancer.

"Many people are not aware of the risk they run by talking on their cellphone without an earpiece or keeping it in their trouser pocket," said Marcolini."

Mar 21

Topanga, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 --

"After landslide votes in both the house (83-56 in favor) and senate (21-14 in favor) of LD 1013, The Wireless Information Act's historic passage was reversed, thanks to fast, furious and aggressive lobbying by the wireless industry, who filled the halls of the State House yesterday to ensure the bills failure to be enacted, which required a final vote in the House. In a 77 - 60 vote, the bill was reversed that morning.

"The wireless industry's influence on possible health notification risks of their products has haunted the bill's ability to pass from its inception nearly 5 years ago. . . .

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